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03/07/2017, category: Update


Finally this day has come and I can share this news. Happy to announce about partnership between and BaccS!

Would like to express profound gratitude to colleagues from, who believed in this tool and made all this possible. Thank you!

To celebrate this, with latest update we switch from version 1 to version 2. As against to general approach, when new version brings a lot of new functions, BaccS will get them with time. New features and direction mean a lot of new things.

First of all, from today, all Plus package subscribers get unlimited free access to BaccS – the program is now included in this package. If you’re the one, than in addition to all benefits of this package you will get one more tool in the stack. Hopefully, useful tool.

For all other translators this partnership means a lot of new features. BaccS now supports connection with your account to perform certain actions. With this release, it includes ability to post and view WIWO entries (What I’m Working On now) and link clients with Blue Board records to get general details about them, view and post feedback. There is no more need to visit website to leave feedback for your customers or post a new record to the WIWO service – now these actions can be done in a few clicks.

Before starting to use these functions, please go to program Settings and connect BaccS with your account. This procedure is described in detail in a new help article, which is available here. Also, recommend to read another articles from the same topic.

Bottom right corner (status bar) of the program now has two easy accessible buttons:

Click on WIWO+, and a small popup window will appear to share something about ongoing work:

Click 'Add details' to provide additional details about created entry and even upload an image:

The feature also allows to view WIWO entries created by you, by BaccS users or by all users.

Blue Board button will open a popup window with recommended clients to leave feedback. These recommendations are composed according to a number of completed jobs for your clients during last year:

Select desired row, fill-in appeared row, and your feedback will be sent for vetting by staff.

Of course, this is only beginning. Later I will add possibility to set availability and take part in polls.

At the end I’d like to make 3 remarks which are connected with this new partnership:

  • As this is only beginning, some bugs may appear in new functions. If something won’t work, be sure it will be working tomorrow.
  • Again, as this is only beginning, a long road is still ahead – no doubt there will be a lot of new stuff in upcoming weeks and months
  • Usually I answer e-mails very quickly. Now, if there will be huge increase of incoming support messages, it may require more time to answer. Hope it won’t happen, but please don't take any delays with answers unkindly.

That’s all for now. All these news has no sense if you won’t like the program. We’re working hard to improve it, make easier, faster, handy, feature-packed. So, hope you’ll enjoy it and it will be become your invaluable partner for many years to come.

Regards, Eugene.

Plans for June

30/05/2017, category: General news


This post will be short, but I'd like to share some information about upcoming month. It already became common to see new updates each week, which bring some new functionality. This happened almost each week from program launch in October 2016. And now this tradition will be slightly broken. But there is a good reason: I've started to work on exceptional, but complex feature, which will take more time to implement. But I promise - that's worth it!

In addition, as already announced, from the 1st of July the price will increase up to 120 USD. And, absolutely sure, the new feature will be exclusive enough to celebrate and justify this increase.

In the meantime, I will continue to release small maintenance updates. For example, the today's one fixes few small bugs, adds additional information in the job list and invoice list, and corrects built-in invoice templates. The next one will bring possibility to choose a source of currency rates download: in addition to the current source (OpenExchangeRates) it will be possible to use currencies from Central European Bank.

Can't wait to release the new feature! Hear soon!


New BaccS price

22/05/2017, category: General news

Hello, dear translators.

When price increases, it usually perceived not very positively, but today I'd like to briefly summarize a year of BaccS development and explain decision to increase price for the second time less than in 1 year.

When launched on 19-oct-2016, BaccS price was set on the level of 33 USD. Program evolved (bug fixes, different charts, flexible reports, themes, e-mail sender, localization, new report designer), and on the 1-Jan-2017 price was increased up to 75 USD. Next 6 months a lot of additional efforts has been put onto the program development, which was reflected in the following features: custom reports, job/invoice forms customization, new dashboard widgets, contractors module, a lot of polishing/bug fixes, performance optimization, new themes, new reports, Trados/MemoQ integration, new documents (income, expense, credit note, outgoing payments), purchase orders, etc. Totally, the program got 49 updates! Next one will be anniversary :) On the base of this (and taking into account user's comments) it was decided to further increase the price and set it on the level of 120 USD from the 1-Jul-2017. In addition, it will include only 3 years of free updates. Hopefully, this is the last increase. And hope it will be well accepted, because, according feedback from many of you, current price does not reflect program's features.

Until July, it is possible to get the program for the current price (75 USD).

Those who purchased the program for initial price just may be happy to get such a packed tool almost for free - thank you for believing in BaccS from the first days! In addition, those users will get updates forever, as it was stated in initial pricing conditions, while new users (from 1st of July will be able to get free updates during 3 years from the date of purchase). As usually, price includes free invoice template customization per user's requirements, and validity term remains infinite.

As usually, work never stops, and I will continue to pack BaccS with exclusive, self-invented features, not forgetting to implement your suggestions, which became a kind of program's brand identity - immediate implementation of your expectations.

Thank you for using BaccS, for supporting its evolvement - I always wanted to see it community-driven, and it seems like it goes this way.


Unified data import from memoQ, Trados and Deja Vu

15/05/2017, category: Update

Hello, dear translators,

Today I'm happy to present another novice and exceptional feature, which I hope will become one of the differentiating BaccS' features. Let's call it CAT data importer. This is a single interface to import/account data from a project created in memoQ, Trados or Deja Vu X3 to a new job in BaccS. It can import wordcount (average or as full fuzzy breakdown) from analysis reports or straightly from your projects database! After setup, just open this tool and double click on any project create in memoQ or Traods to quickly import data to BaccS, fill-in possible details (deadline, customer, work field, language direction) and calculate job amount according global or customer's price list.

Detailed description of the new feature can be found here: help article.

And here are some screenshots of the new tool:

Initial feature of memoQ integration expanded, and now BaccS fully supports Trados. In addition, it can also import analysis reports generated by Deja Vu X3. Of course, in future it will evolve and packed with the new sources of data importing.

Not hope, but sure everyone will like it :)


New 'Recent actions' widget

09/05/2017, category: Update


I never stop to invent something and find new ways to improve productivity of our translation management processes. And today happy to inform that BaccS' baggage of features was enlarged with a new one - 'Recent actions' widget on the dashboard. The idea is simple - when you add or edit some important entry (job, project, invoice, customer, customer contact, contractor, payment, etc.), it is registered in the book and displayed in a single place on the Dashboard. Here is how it looks:

So, it's just a colorful list of recently changed/added entries, with some most important details (number, date, customer, amount, currency). I think it's like an option to keep current things under palm of the hand.

The good thing is that Dashboard constantly evolves, making it more powerfully and simply pretty looking. Here is just a picture of the variant of customization with the new widget shown:

Thanks for reading and hope you will like it! Next time I will present something very novice :)


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