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New Support Center


Due to increased number of questions and requests we've found that existing support system is not effective. It appeared to be difficult for users to find necessary information in existing User Manual (mostly because of poor search engine). Forums engine was also outdated: easy accessible for spammers, difficult to search previous questions, and it simply looked 'old'. Due to this, most if users preferred to write e-mail messages. And even if their questions contained information which may be valuable for other users, this information were simply lost in mailbox archives.

We've decided to re-organize it. Among many knowledge base system I've opted for Zoho Desk. Incredible software, which will create a lot of benefits to BaccS users. It allows to solve all mentioned problems:
- Knowledge base. I've already moved BaccS User Guide to a new knowledge base, which is available here. Thanks to powerful search engine and tagging system it is now much easier to find necessary article. Interesting option for user is possibility to vote on articles, while article creator can post comments on article (i.e., informing about recent changes).
- Community forums. As previous forums, it allows to ask public questions and get answers. But also provides additional benefits: 1. The system looks for corresponding knowledge base articles and offers a user to read them before creating posting a question. 2. Much better search engine. 3. Modern design with useful tools to write messages and attach files. 4. Reliable notification system.
- Private tickets. Instead of writing e-mails, private support requests can be sent using this ticketing system. A difference here is that ticket remains open until the problem is solved. This allows to keep track on opened questions and then, if needed, convert them to knowledge base articles. In addition, a ticket can't be lost - the system displays it while status is 'Open'.

Soon I will move the most interesting threads from old forums to a new platform.

Welcome everyone to register in a new Support Center here:

Waiting for your questions and submitted tickets!

Version 3.2. Deep Memsource integration.


Recent update is one the largest updates in BaccS history, as it introduces few important features and changes. It was decided to increase minor version to 3.2. This article describes the most important changes. Let me start with the biggest one – Memsource integration.

Memsource integration

More and more companies and translators use this superb tool, because of its simplicity and performance. Knowing about extensive API offered by Memsource it was quickly decided to make deep integration with it at whatever cost. And with today’s update BaccS will allow you to:

  • Link contractors with Memsurce vendors (download vendor’s data, including name, e-mail, languages, specializations)
  • Link projects and jobs with Memsurce
  • Create clients, domains and subdomains in Memsource from within BaccS
  • Create projects in Memsource from within BaccS (based on existing projects)
  • Create jobs, upload translation files to Memsource, assign vendors to jobs from within BaccS (when you create job in BaccS before creating it in Memsource)
  • Notify assigned linguists using Memsource e-mail templates
  • Download job analysis results to BaccS to calculate prices and generate quotes
  • Track job progress

It is planned to even expand this extensive list in next updates.

Will be grateful to all users will try the new feature and share their feedback. We did a lot of tests, but in real life it is not possible to avoid bugs.

Full details and screenshots can be found in this manual section: Manual, Memsource section

In addition, tutorial video will be added soon.

Currency differences

This feature strengthens BaccS accounting capabilities and accuracy. When Invoice-based accounting method is used, the program will also track currency differences in cases when invoices are issued in a currency which is different from base currency.

Example. You issue invoice on some day, specify amount, currency rate and amount in base currency. When a payment arrives, currency rate changes, which means you get different amount in base currency. Depending on direction of the exchange rate change, you may get more or less than expected amount. This difference is called currency difference and must be registered in the Ledger. BaccS tracks these changes and creates corresponding records in the Ledger on the date of payment arrival. Thus, reports will show more precise results from now.

Customer price-list auto-generation

This feature isn’t very large, but worth of mention. With the new update it became much easier to view and print price-lists for customer. When you edit default prices for a customer, you can only create base price (per hour, or per no-match word), and BaccS will calculate prices for other fuzzy types using their weights. This worked before, but now it’s also possible to view all these auto-generated prices. This table is available in the customer editing form, on the Default rates tab, and looks like this:

In the upper table you create prices, and bottom table immediately refreshed to show auto-generated prices for fuzzy types. Right click on it and select Print preview to generate a document which is ready to be printed or exported into any office format:

Interactive hints

This feature was added in previous release, but it’s a part of ongoing work to make BaccS more user-friendly for novice users. At the moment this feature is implemented only in the Invoice editing from, but soon will be added to the other views as well. So, let’s count it as one of new features offered by version 3.2. Idea behind this is to show hints when a form is opened for the first time. Some element is selected on the screen, and a small tooltip appears with description of this element. User clicks button (or F2 on keyboard), and next tooltip appears, until tutorial is finished. Here is a screenshot demonstrating three such hints:

For subsequent form views this tutorial won’t be automatically shown. To view it again, click Show guides button on the ribbon.

Final words

Thanks to people who shared ideas during all this time!

I’m really happy to implement Memsource integration. Hope Memsource team will also welcome this initiative!

Hope you will like new update and overall direction where BaccS moves. Think there is no sense to say that there will be a lot of new things during the year.

Important changes in version 3.1.62


With the recent update (3.1.62) a few important changes in the default program usage workflow were introduced. These changes simplify program usage and make it more intuitive.

New Receivables tab in the Job editing form

First change is introduction of the Receivables tab in the job editing form. This tab allows to separate job price calculation from the job tasks list. This table is optional and is not required to use. So, you can continue to use the program as before, without even touching this new table. It may be used in the following cases:

1. When you want to 'shrink' job tasks table to include limited number of records into an invoice which will be created on the base of this job. For example, if a job contains a lot of fuzzy matches, proofreading and editing, instead of full fuzzy breakdown you can create one single row for Translation services, one row for proofreading and one row for editing. In a result your invoice will contain only 3 rows.

2. When total job price differs from amount you get in job tasks table. For example, you have agreement with your customer to translate 5000 source words per some price. But in fact, with a help of own TMs or based on other factors, actual wordcount appears to be lower. In this case you enter actual wordcount in the Job tasks table and then agreed quantities and prices in the Receivables table. Later, when invoice will be created, correct amount and list of tasks will appear there.

Take a note that when you add something into the Receivables table, the following columns in the Job tasks table automatically become disabled: Price, Discount, Price with discount and Amount.

Changes in the Invoice editing form and invoice templates

Previously, invoice editing form contained one Invoice details table, where you were able to select jobs. It contained Work type, Unit, Quantity and Price columns, which were uneditable. There were a lot of questions why these values can’t be edited. Now those columns are removed, and a new tab was added – Rows to print.

First table gives main view of the invoice contents, and a new Job contents column displays how many tasks or receivables it contains.

Second table allows to view all tasks/receivables from all jobs included in an invoice.

This new approach allowed to incredibly simplify invoice printing template structure. Experienced users know that invoice template was build using nested tables (Invoice – Invoice details – Translation job – Translation job details), which was very difficult for initial understanding. Now the structure contains only one nesting level (Invoice – Rows to print)! Now, when you open invoice template in the designer for the first time, the picture will be much more clear:

First band is invoice header band, followed by nested 'Rows to print' report for displaying all invoice rows which you may preview in the invoice editing form.

Existing templates will stay workable and do not need correction. However, I recommend to check new built-in invoice templates and apply the same structure in your own templates, to make them simpler.

Updated articles in the manual

While preparing to this update, it was required to update/rewrite few manual sections. Recommend to check them:

Translation jobs

Job tasks and receivables

Invoices and payments

Invoice template designer – General description

Invoice template designer – Field list and adding fields to the surface

Web-site restored


Dear visitors,

Dear visitors, during 13th and 14th of Feb BaccS website was almost unavailable. Now all functionality is restored. News, purchasing, forums, updates - everything works again. It happened because of hosting provider mistake. It was decided to leave stop using services of this provider and move to private server.

E-mail addresses also didn't work. If you have sent any message to address during 13-14th of February, please re-send it.

Happy holidays!


Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Would like to say "Thank you" for your generous support during 2017! It was great to meet and talk to you all, discuss new features and improve the software. We do this together. Let the new year be as light as feather! Wish you to find new ways and soar new heights!

During preparation to 2018, I've created not only a plan, but already implemented few new features, which will be released very soon. Minor ones are mail sender improvements (new variables), WIWO integration face-lift and new video tutorial (about invoice templates!). The major one: new progress column in the job list. It displays current job progress by linking with Trados project (yeah!) or calculates estimate progress based on the workload planner feature. Looks very useful, since it allows to better visualize current state of work. From here, next plan for January is implementation of the dashboard widget which will nicely visualize workload for upcoming 2-5 days.

If to speak about plans for the whole year, let's keep them in a bag for now. Promise to regularly deliver something interesting :)

That's all. Enjoy the holidays!

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