News post - Unified data import from memoQ, Trados and Deja Vu

15/05/2017 , category: Update

Hello, dear translators,

Today I'm happy to present another novice and exceptional feature, which I hope will become one of the differentiating BaccS' features. Let's call it CAT data importer. This is a single interface to import/account data from a project created in memoQ, Trados or Deja Vu X3 to a new job in BaccS. It can import wordcount (average or as full fuzzy breakdown) from analysis reports or straightly from your projects database! After setup, just open this tool and double click on any project create in memoQ or Traods to quickly import data to BaccS, fill-in possible details (deadline, customer, work field, language direction) and calculate job amount according global or customer's price list.

Detailed description of the new feature can be found here: help article.

And here are some screenshots of the new tool:

Initial feature of memoQ integration expanded, and now BaccS fully supports Trados. In addition, it can also import analysis reports generated by Deja Vu X3. Of course, in future it will evolve and packed with the new sources of data importing.

Not hope, but sure everyone will like it :)