News post - Plans for June

30/05/2017 , category: General news


This post will be short, but I'd like to share some information about upcoming month. It already became common to see new updates each week, which bring some new functionality. This happened almost each week from program launch in October 2016. And now this tradition will be slightly broken. But there is a good reason: I've started to work on exceptional, but complex feature, which will take more time to implement. But I promise - that's worth it!

In addition, as already announced, from the 1st of July the price will increase up to 120 USD. And, absolutely sure, the new feature will be exclusive enough to celebrate and justify this increase.

In the meantime, I will continue to release small maintenance updates. For example, the today's one fixes few small bugs, adds additional information in the job list and invoice list, and corrects built-in invoice templates. The next one will bring possibility to choose a source of currency rates download: in addition to the current source (OpenExchangeRates) it will be possible to use currencies from Central European Bank.

Can't wait to release the new feature! Hear soon!