News post - Plans for August, monthly news

01/08/2017 , category: General news


Today I would like to share some news and impressions from the first month of cooperation with There were different opinions about BaccS inclusion into Proz.Com Plus package, but a lot of translators tried the program and started to use it in daily basis. Our main thread on ProZ.forums (here) is more alive and full of useful suggestions and complimentary comments. Thanks to all who is interested in the program development!

One of the most significant events was a review by famous blogger and translator Emma Goldsmith. She not only wrote TO3000 3D and BaccS: side by side article, but created 2 greatest sort videos for new users (Getting started and Invoice customization - both can be found here. Thank you, Emma! Your opinion means a lot!

The coolest feature BaccS got during July is a Workload planner. The idea behind it is to get a clear picture of the current jobs and to get help with decisions about incoming offers. With 1 task for the day, that's easy to remember what is planned to do, but with 5-10 ongoing jobs it becomes easy to get lost. This planner is intended to help in such situations. Here is an example of visual workload representation:

You can find detailed presentation in this Facebook post or in the manual.

As for August, it may appear to be less updates-intensive, but anyway it will bring something new to BaccS users. For example, the first August update will add a possibility to customize keyboard shortcuts used to access the most used program commands. After this, there will be more performance optimizations, improvements in the mail sender, client editing form. Of course, will continue to fix found bugs. In addition, BaccS will get an option to generate not only localized invoices, but also bilingual. This feature seems to be awaited by few people.

The main reason of rarer updates in August is current work on a network version! Soon BaccS will be able to work in a network environments, with possibility to keep database on server (local or cloud, like Azure, for example). In the result, small groups (not agencies, but small teams) who share same data will be able to use the program. Initially, there will be no access rights, but this will be added with time. For now, at least chat window is planned :)

That's all for now. As always, thanks to all who sends suggestions, comments, bug reports, kind words and criticism!