News post - Version 4.2. SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare integration

14/05/2018 , category: Update

Happy to announce that today BaccS got additional and very important integration with SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare. It was a long path, and it's thrilling to finally make it done.

Special thanks to Paul Filkin from SDL! His invaluable help made this new feature possible.

To get full description of this new feature, just visit our documentation. Start with this first article and move on in the section and move to another articles in that section.

In this article I just want to summarize what new integration allows to do and how it can save your time while preparing projects.

Let's start with desktop version - SDL Trados Studio, which will be the most interesting part for translators. Here is what you can do in BaccS:

  • Maintain list of your translation memories and termbases (with languages mapping) for quick selection during project creation.
  • Import analysis results from a newly created project or from any existing project.
  • Create projects in Trados directly from job editing view (the system will automatically fill all possible fields and offer TMs and TBs to use).
  • Track project's progress in the list of jobs.
  • Publish created project to a server.

GroupShare integration, which is more interesting for teams, includes the following possibilities:

  • Create projects directly in GroupShare (without creating and desktop with following publishing) with possibility to select files for translation.
  • Import analysis results from GroupShare.
  • Track project's progress in the list of jobs.
  • Change project's phases with possibility to assign users for each file. According to GroupShare preferences, assigned users will get corresponding e-mail notifications.
  • Change project's status.

All these functions can be accessed from a single place - from the job editing form, using SDL Trados button. When clicked, you will see a popup menu, which contains all necessary functions. Select one and follow instructions, if any.

As always, since this is the first release where such a complex feature is implemented, some bugs are possible. Will be glad to listen to your suggestions and comments to further improve this function.

Hope this addition will help to improve performance and make your work even smoother.