News post - New BaccS price

22/05/2017 , category: General news

Hello, dear translators.

When price increases, it usually perceived not very positively, but today I'd like to briefly summarize a year of BaccS development and explain decision to increase price for the second time less than in 1 year.

When launched on 19-oct-2016, BaccS price was set on the level of 33 USD. Program evolved (bug fixes, different charts, flexible reports, themes, e-mail sender, localization, new report designer), and on the 1-Jan-2017 price was increased up to 75 USD. Next 6 months a lot of additional efforts has been put onto the program development, which was reflected in the following features: custom reports, job/invoice forms customization, new dashboard widgets, contractors module, a lot of polishing/bug fixes, performance optimization, new themes, new reports, Trados/MemoQ integration, new documents (income, expense, credit note, outgoing payments), purchase orders, etc. Totally, the program got 49 updates! Next one will be anniversary :) On the base of this (and taking into account user's comments) it was decided to further increase the price and set it on the level of 120 USD from the 1-Jul-2017. In addition, it will include only 3 years of free updates. Hopefully, this is the last increase. And hope it will be well accepted, because, according feedback from many of you, current price does not reflect program's features.

Until July, it is possible to get the program for the current price (75 USD).

Those who purchased the program for initial price just may be happy to get such a packed tool almost for free - thank you for believing in BaccS from the first days! In addition, those users will get updates forever, as it was stated in initial pricing conditions, while new users (from 1st of July will be able to get free updates during 3 years from the date of purchase). As usually, price includes free invoice template customization per user's requirements, and validity term remains infinite.

As usually, work never stops, and I will continue to pack BaccS with exclusive, self-invented features, not forgetting to implement your suggestions, which became a kind of program's brand identity - immediate implementation of your expectations.

Thank you for using BaccS, for supporting its evolvement - I always wanted to see it community-driven, and it seems like it goes this way.