News post - New 'Recent actions' widget

09/05/2017 , category: Update


I never stop to invent something and find new ways to improve productivity of our translation management processes. And today happy to inform that BaccS' baggage of features was enlarged with a new one - 'Recent actions' widget on the dashboard. The idea is simple - when you add or edit some important entry (job, project, invoice, customer, customer contact, contractor, payment, etc.), it is registered in the book and displayed in a single place on the Dashboard. Here is how it looks:

So, it's just a colorful list of recently changed/added entries, with some most important details (number, date, customer, amount, currency). I think it's like an option to keep current things under palm of the hand.

The good thing is that Dashboard constantly evolves, making it more powerfully and simply pretty looking. Here is just a picture of the variant of customization with the new widget shown:

Thanks for reading and hope you will like it! Next time I will present something very novice :)