News post - VERSION 4: web-app, portal for vendors, quotes, and more!

23/04/2018 , category: Update

After months of work, happy to present version 4!

With this update, it was decided to switch version number from 3 to 4, to underline huge milestone reached with this update. Introducing quotes module, web-version, portal for vendors, audit trail system, predefined sets of tasks and a lot of small improvements.

Quotes module

Previously, you were able to set Quote status for jobs. However, when quotes were not converted into real jobs, the list became filled with unwanted information. From the other side, when a quote was converted into job, it was not possible to see previous status and to know that a particular job was created from quote. And, finally, job editing form didn’t contain a number of fields which could be needed in quotes. For example, you can provide delivery term, payments terms and additional information in a free form.

So, now you can find Quotes table in the Operations section. The process of quote creation is very straightforward and familiar for existing users – create a new document, fill-in data, save and print. Generated quote can be sent by e-mail directly from BaccS, saved for future use or exported into a lot of supported formats. Default quote template design is provided below:

Of course, you can create own templates and localize them.

Later, you can build attractive reports showing quote conversion rates. It looks like that:

Additional information about quotes can be found in the manual:



This is the main reason of version switch. Web-version has almost the same look and features, which exist in desktop one. Same navigation tree, workflow, tables and entry forms, custom appearance rules in lists, buttons and icons, reports and QuickReports, dashboards, report and template designer, scheduler, data creation in fly, appearance rules, data searching/filtering/grouping, column choosers in lists, etc. If you run web-version after desktop, you’ll feel like a fish in the water.

Currently, there are a number of features, which are not supported in web-version: custom fields, workload planner, integration, editing of data entry forms. Workload planner will be implemented in future updates.

Soon after release, integration will also be implemented, including possibility to post jobs.

It is possible to use desktop application and web-version to access the same data. The only requirement here is that database must be stored on a server accessible from Internet (like virtual private server).

You can get demo access to web-version by sending a request to

Prices depend on storage space and start from 20 USD per month (includes 2 Gb of storage space). After purchase, you get own application with URL address like Detailed information about prices can be found on the Pricing page, from where you can send a request for a quote.

Here is a number of screenshots from a new web-version:

Portal for vendors

It’s a part of web-version. Actually, it is the same web-version where access to almost all data is restricted by extensive security system. By default, it is configured to allow vendors to view only their own assignments, download and upload files, register invoices, view one report and edit own profiles. You’re fully free to edit permission rules to grant more rights to your vendors (for example, you can create a new report and allow your vendors to view it, or you can allow them to edit own prices which is restricted by default, or you can grant some rights only to specific vendors).

When you create an assignment, it is possible to generate a link to this assignment and send it in a mail message to vendor, who will be able to click it, enter login details and download files for translation. It is possible to select a number of files and download them as zip archive.

Vendor may deliver an assignment partially or in full, with possibility to attach up to 5 files in one operation.

When a vendor performs some action, administrators will receive notifications:

New articles in the manual on this topic:

Portal for vendors
Default vendor role
How to provide access to additional reports for vendors
How to allow vendors to create and (or) edit their prices

Audit trail

New audit trail system is used for Customers and Contractors and allows to view changes made in any field for a particular customer or vendor, who made this change, when it was made, and to compare data before and after editing. It improves BaccS compatibility with GDPR. Detailed description can be found in this article:

Audit trail

Predefined sets of tasks

Small, but very useful addition to Reference data section. You can create sets of tasks (for example, translation + proofreading + editing), name these sets and quickly insert them during quote or job creation. During insertion operation, prices for each task will be determined automatically based on a currently selected customer. Hopefully, this new addition will improve your performance while creating new jobs and quotes.

Final words

Among other improvements in a new version: updated design of invoice template (v1), updated design of PO template, update appearance rules in translation job list, possibility to attach the same file to many entities (very important improvement).

Welcome to try new web-version, portal for vendors, quotes, predefined sets of tasks and new file manager. Hope you’ll find these features useful!