News post - Network version

17/08/2017 , category: Update

Hello, dear translators!

Today I’m happy to inform about release of the network edition of BaccS. This feature was requested a number of times by small teams who needs to share single database between members. Since this feature was in work for a long time, waiting time wan’t too long.

The new edition is absolutely the same program, but with support of connection to remote databases. This database can be placed in a local network (requires to install Microsoft SQL Server), or in the cloud. There are a lot of providers who offer dedicated SQL database servers, like Azure or Amazon Web Services. You can use any of them, create private database and connect to it from BaccS.

If database server will be deployed in a local network, please follow a short procedure described in this help article. In a few words, you need to install SQL Server Express edition and provide details of the installed instance to BaccS. The program will automatically create a new database and prepare it for work. Detailed information about connecting to a remote database can be found in this help article.

This new feature will be interesting for individual translators too. While working on the network version, I’ve found that SQL Server Express database performs much faster than local version. Thus, I recommend individual translators to try new mode too. Especially this improvement is visible when using Recreate transactions command in the Settings window.

If someone switches from a local to network mode, then it will be possible to move old data to a new database. Detailed description of this process is provided in this help article. However, back conversion is not supported, so please decide which version you’d like to use in advance. Downside of network version is loosing of portability, as the program can’t be moved to USB drive or cloud drive anymore.


For now, the only exclusive function of network edition is a built-in chat. This is a small window which is docked to the right side and expanded on hovering mouse pointer over it. Its purpose is very simple - allow connected users to exchange short messages. When someone writes something, the corresponding signalling icon appears on the chat header.

In future there will be more interesting features for small teams. The first planned one is possibility to get detailed information about works performed by each team member. After that, there will be more and more functions added. So, if you feel that it is to early to invest to this program, please come back later to see how it was improved - I promise to add a lot of new stuff until the end of this year. Can’t disclose all the secrets, but there will be a LOT of exiting functions.


License code determines a number of workstations allowed to connect. It was decided to set the price for each workstation on the same level of 120 USD with free upgrades for 3 years. So, just please select number of copies during purchasing. If you’re an existing user and want to expand the limit of allowed workstations, you can simply purchase additional number of copies, and in a few minutes you will get a new license key. In demo version, to evaluate networking capabilities, it is allowed to register maximum 2 (two) workstations.

What’s next.

Very simple - continue working and improve the tool. BaccS is not becoming a tool for teams, and I will continue to add features for individual translators too. For example, one of upcoming features is possibility to prepare bilingual quotes/invoices. I’ve promised it in previous post.

Since network version is only released, there could be some issues, which require corrections. Of course, there are a lot of plans to add functions intended for teams. One of those is quick and easy jobs assignments. Another one - detailed reports about work performed by each team member.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading :)