News post - Version 3 announcement

07/09/2017 , category: General news

Hello all!

If you're an existing BaccS user, you may find that there were less updates during last month. I'm happy to tell that such silence has nothing common with period of vacations. Vice versa, I've used this time to work even harder than before, to prepare fully new version of BaccS. Version 2 was released just in July, and it was linked with adding of different integrations with And now, after just only 3 months, a third version will be introduced. Can't predict exact release date, but hope to finish it during the month. And in this news post I'd just like to break long silence and write few words about ongoing work.

So, new version will bring incredible number of new features. Can't disclose all secrets right now, but really can't wait to do that! What is know for sure is that the application will get a new platform, and this will bring improved performance. You can see that the most complex forms, like Dashboard or Job editing forms, as the main application itself, require some time to be loaded, while user must observe loading indicator. This is in the past! Performance was significantly improved, and all forms and main application are now opened immediately! This brings refreshed user experience and makes our workflow much-much smoother. I really like the results!

Second feature is customization. Previously it was possible to customize BaccS in many ways, and some people said that BaccS is extremely customizable. Well, level of customization was so much expanded and I hope it will become a pleasant surprise for those who like to experiment.

Another direction of work is network access and features for teams. A lot of stuff has been prepared here!

Not forgetting about individual use, as it is main purpose of this program. Learning curve has been significantly lowered, and I hope there will be no more statements about complexity of the program. It is very easy and interesting to use it, while level of complexity can be easily adjusted to the user's needs. Want just run and start working? No problem. Want to customize? Easily!

Another important, but hidden addition, will be internal program composition. New platform will allow me to add new features in future much faster, allowing to avoid possible bugs. In general, the program became much more stable, and even if somethings goes wrong, it won't crash, but will just require to close the tab where a bug ocured.

Of course, I didn't list even half of improvements. All the details and full list of changes will be published on the day of release. Hopefully, it will be mini-revolution in the field of such kind of software.

Hear soon!