Freelance edition

120.00 USD

Permanent license. 3 years of free updates.

Personal usage and portability

Free for Plus package subscribers!
Read article in the User's Guide.

Same as the version for teams, except network support.

Payment and refund terms

Team edition

500.00 USD

Permanent license. 3 years of free updates.

Group usage with simultaneous data access

Not limited number of users!

Dropbox integration!

Store database in a local network or in the cloud

Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database engines are supported

Assistance with setting up database server (via Remote Desktop/TeamViewer/Skype)

Best-in-class security system

Files, invoice templates, reports are shared between all users

Additional information (how to test network version)

Payment and refund terms

Web-version (freelancers and teams)

15 - 400.00 USD/month

Seven pricing tiers and individual prices per quote request.

Access your data from anywhere

Not limited number of PMs and users!

Dropbox integration

May be used in conjunction with desktop version (only Team edition)

Almost identical to desktop version (see FAQ)

Portal for vendors

Best-in-class security system

Designated URL-address in form of

Try web-version

* Personal data protection policy

* Permanent license means lifetime license, which allows to get updates during 3 years and then continue using the software without updates.

* Free update means allowance to get all updates, even if major version number changes (for example, from version 2 to version 3)

* All versions include free help with customization of 1 invoice template per user's requirements

Download demo version

(~70 Mb)

Request license code

(if previously purchased)

Please check FAQ page to get detailed answers on the most asked questions.