BaccS review by Lorenzo

Source: Yahoo groups conversation (link)

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Hello folks

For the past 10 days I have been using a new Translation Project Management System called BaccS ( developed by Eugene Kuchynski, a translator and developer from Belarus, and my first impressions are excellent.

I have been looking for a system to track my translation projects and my invoices for a long time and I never found one that was clear, intelligent, and streamlined enough and would work without much messing about but I never found one. When I tried it, TranslationOffice3000 seemed complicated, inflexible, and I generally did not warm up to it at all. And I could not really find anything else that worked off-line, on my computer.

I like it so much so that I bought a license and I am actually planning to run it in parallel with my current accounting and record system until the next financial year, when I expect to move to BaccS exclusively.

First of all, the system is not online but runs on your computer. BaccS also provides a freemium online system, but I am not interested in that.

The desktop system is slick, relatively flexible, fast to use, adapts to your workflow, and especially, it makes sense. And it provides a method to import all your T03000 data into it should you have been using TO3000.

Additionally, the system is fully portable and could run off a USB stick, should you choose to do so.

When you open the program you are shown the Dashboard, with panes for the latest projects, the invoices ready to be issued, balance statements for all your clients, unpaid and due invoices, and statistics on your throughput, in one or more currencies. This is excellent for me since I invoice in both GBP and EUR.

After you have set up some basic information about your clients, your rates, even your fuzzy match rates, if you want, etc. you are set to go. But the amount of information required is totally flexible. Obviously, the more details you put in, the more details you can analyse.

Create a new 'Job', enter some information and that's that. As you progress in the job, you change its status and finally you send it and issue an invoice (there is a built-in invoice generation module which appears to be very customizable, but I will look at that in the next few days) and BaccS will track it for you.

It even contains a Scheduler (linkable with Google Calendar) which seems to be able to plan your day for you. Again I did not look at that yet.

All in all, I think that with a relatively minor investment in time to set it up, it will make my life much easier.

Finally, Eugene, the developer is very responsive, at least at this stage of the development while the system matures, and has been ready to implement a few suggestions I threw his way. The license is quite affordable (33 USD) and IMO it's a well worth investment.

Totally recommended.

Disclaimer, I do not get anything from this. I have bought my own license and I don't know Eugene personally. I found out about this software on the Toolbox Journal.


Addition from 16 dec 2016:

FWIW, I didn't know that there was a version 29. I am at Version 28 and I really like it.

The SW is still a little rough around the edges, and in spite of generous and extensive help from Eugene, the developer, there are a few things I don't know how to do, or I would like it to do differently. Yet, because indeed it is rough around the edges, I believe that with a small investment of time providing feedback and seed money on our part, Eugene can expand it and make it even more useful and slick.

As it is now, it is a full-fledged record management system, recording jobs, quotations, invoicing, expenses, money in and out, you can (apparently, I never tried) use it to communicate with customers and send them invoices by email. There are backup procedures, and you can export all your data to excel, ideal if you don't trust keeping your records locked in into a proprietary format, although I understand that there are methods to extract it from Firebird, the Database he is using.

Invoices can be customised to your heart's content and I just saw that in Version 29 he added a new and improved customization module

Just to comment on how responsive he is. When I first tried it, I found the typeface too small for my "tried and tested" eyesight. So I mentioned it to him. He mumbled a bit by email, and the following day he had a new version out with adjustable type size!

I don't use all the functions and data collection options that are available, for instance I don't break down my jobs by Fuzzy matches nor by Subject matter, but it you do, the program can tell you how many words you have translated, what word counts, what productivity you had by subject. It can create directories using a very flexible and customizable naming scheme, you can access the jobs from the program itself, etc etc.

And on top of it, it's totally self-contained and portable. You can keep it on a USB stick if you want.

Next thing I am going to try to stick it on a network share, and see if it works across the network.