BaccS review by Johan

Source: forums (link)

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I have been working with the desktop version for a few weeks now, and I must say that I'm quite thrilled about what it's capable of achieving. I have used TO3000 for a few years, but never really liked it, mainly because everything felt so "hidden away" and required plenty of clicks. I think Baccs has a lot of strengths, but what I like most about it is how easy it is to enter and access data where you need it. It's also intuitive and I have been able to learn how to use it without need for instructions (now there is a manual as well though for when in doubt). I get a good overview of the "state of affairs" from the widget dashboard and can easily access the most relevant entries from there. And for the occasions where I do need to enter data in two different catalogs at the same time, I can simply open the second one in a new tab without having to close the first one. I'm also a sucker for statistics - it's nice to see that your hard work is paying off and things are going better. There are some really nice charts that are very easy to set up and I know that the developer is working on adding some more useful statistics in the next period as well. Speaking of which - another thing that I really like about this software is that the developer is very helpful and open to user feedback (I've had several feature requests implemented within a few hours are at most a few days).

I did have a quick look at some online alternatives as well such as Protemos. While they may look a bit more modern and appealing at first glance, I prefer Baccs' superior functionality and capability of displaying lots of useful information on the same screen without having to scroll all the time.