Version history

3.1.49 (19-jan-2018)

  • Translation assignment - Contractor pick-up - Added list of the recent assignments for a selected contractor. Now, during contractor's pick-up, you can see a list of recent jobs for each translator.
  • Contractor editing form - added list of assignments, so you can see all contractor's assignments while viewing the file.
  • Few fixes in TO3000 import.
  • When you run BaccS, database file is fully blocked from external access (not possible to move it, edit, replace, delete, etc. while BaccS is running).
  • Fixed a "Simultaneous modifications not possible..." message when editing a job from the customer editing form.
  • Minor fixes.

3.1.48 (16-jan-2018)

  • [NEW] Contractors (both main list and pick-up list opened from translation assignment) - added filtering UI on the right for faster filtering.
  • [NEW] Job editing form - hover on the Customer field to see a tooltip with a list of default prices for this customer.
  • [NEW] Assignment editing form - hover on the Contractor field to see a tooltip with a list of default prices for this contractor.
  • Assignment editing form - language pair field (uneditable) is displayed near 'Translation job' field.
  • All lists and editing forms - caption of the 'Amount (base cur)' column and field automatically changes to include a name of the selected base currency instead of 'base cur.' text.
  • Added Clone function to a number of reference data tables (like default price, fuzzy type set, etc.).
  • Fixed 'Default invoice save folder' setting. It didn't work. Now, when you save a report (invoice, quote, etc.) to PDF, this folder will be pre-selected.
  • Add few animations throughout the program to make it looking more attractive.
  • Small fixes.

3.1.47 (12-jan-2018)

  • NEW FEATURE - possibility to set default prices for different specializations. 'Specialization category' column was added to the following tables: Reference data - Default rates, Customer - Default rates, Contractor - Default rates. Now the system can automatically pick-up prices depending on specialization selected in the current job.
  • NEW FEATURE - Settings - added 'PO Number format string' option to the 'Application settings' tab. Now BaccS can automatically generate PO numbers in assignments using variables. If you need additional variables there, please drop me a message.
  • Fixes in json data import.
  • Ledger - added default background colors for Income (green) and Expense (red) rows.
  • Small fixes.

3.1.46 (09-jan-2018)

  • Fixed important bug, which could lead to data loss. This is due to a bug in Microsoft database engine library used in BaccS. This bug was officially fixed, but for some reason that fix is not included in the default delivery package. Full details on our forums: thread on forums.
  • Ledger - double click on any row allows to open corresponding document editing form.
  • Added YouTube button on the Support tab of the ribbon menu.

3.1.44 (05-jan-2018)

Sorry for the second update during the day, but it was needed to fix small, but important bug:

  • It was impossible to assign users to roles and roles to users. As a result, very complex security system actually didn't work.
  • Fully updated Russian translation.
  • Improved job progress calculation from Trados projects.

3.1.44 (05-jan-2018)

  • Job list - improved accuracy of the Progress column.
  • Job list - added "CAT Icon" column (hidden by default) - displays CAT icon when the job is linked with any CAT project (only Trados supported for now).
  • Currency rates downloader - last selected source is preserved.
  • Contacts - added 'Archived' checkbox. Archived contacts are still displayed in the list of contacts, but are hidden when you select PM in jobs.
  • Job editing form - when you select a customer, PM field is automatically filled with a contact which was selected in the previous job for this customer.
  • Mail sender - added 'Save current message as a template' button on the ribbon.
  • Payment list - added totals for the selected rows (as in job and invoice lists).
  • Bug fixes.

3.1.42 (02-jan-2018)

  • Finally returned 'About' window (from version 2). Sorry if forgot to mention someone there. Will be editing the text with time.
  • NEW FEATURE. Job list - 'Progress' column. It displays precise or estimate progress. If the job is linked with SDL Trados project, it will display a progress based on data from Trados!! Otherwise, if you use Workload planner, it will display estimate progress based on current time. If workload planner is turned off, the program will calculate the progress on the base of deadline and job creation date. If something will be working incorrectly, please drop me a message.
  • Main ribbon - added 'Create WIWO' button (displayed only for those who is connected to account) - allows to quickly create new WIWO entry. Will be grateful for any feedback about this button.
  • Program Settings - Application settings - new option - 'Add "Sent with BaccS" row at the end of the messages' when using built-in mail sender. Asking you to leave this option turned on - maybe it will help to promote BaccS a little.
  • Mail sender - added new variables: job currency, job language pair, job services, assignment language pair, assignment services, assignment amount, assignment currency). I'm going to regularly improve mail sender in near future.

3.1.39 (23-dec-2017)

  • Blue Board facelift finished! All forms were re-designed, and new button added on the main toolbar which recommends you to leave feedback for customers you work with. This button disappears when there are no customers to leave feedback for (or when you are not connected to
  • QuickReports (Dashboards) fixes - now it's easier to start creating own dashboards (fixes in initial wizard).
  • Minor fixes.

3.1.38 (19-dec-2017)

  • Translation job and translation assignment - price auto pick-up mechanism is now much smarter! When editing job/assignment task, the program will offer a price even if there is no exact corresponding price in the program settings. Example: you have default price 0.08 EUR per no-match word and trying to enter new job task with "Lines" unit and 90 fuzzy match. The system will use that per-word price to calculate per-line price using adjustment factors of the "Lines" unit (for example, 5) and fuzzy type (for example, 80). In the result, you will get 0.08 x 5 x 90 / 100 = 0.36 EUR! Of course, you still can explicitly enter default rates for any unit and fuzzy type, and described mechanism will be used only when such default rate is not found.
  • Customers - Blue Board integration facelift. More changes coming soon.
  • Customers - fixes in "Import from Excel" function.
  • Contractors - added "Import from Excel" function.
  • QuickReports (Dashboards) - when creating a new dashboard, users needed to select type of data source for the dashboard, which was confusing. Now this step is eliminated, and you just need to select base table for the dashboard.
  • Custom reports list - added default filters (All, Invoice templates, Custom reports, etc.) to facilitate navigation in this list.
  • Invoice list - fixed "Payment methods" column. It was hidden by default, but displayed wrong information when was shown.
  • Contact persons - added "Skype" field.
  • Translation job list - fixed "Edit time" column.
  • Translation job editing form - fixes in "Edit time" field.
  • Translation job editing form - fixed height of the "Notes" field.

3.1.37 (15-dec-2017)

  • If you're connected to, please open settings, switch to tab, click disconnect, and then connect. Maybe this is not required, but recommended to do.
  • Translation project - added 'Responsible person' field.
  • Contractors - added 'Default currency' field. This currency will be selected by default when creating assignments for the corresponding contractor. If default currency is empty, than job's currency will be used.
  • Small fixes in the recent v7 invoice template.
  • More fixes in connection procedure (Plus subscribers could experience problems with aborted connection and switching to Demo mode, which required to re-connect to profile from the program Settings).

3.1.36 (14-dec-2017)

  • Navigation tree - Reference data - added 'My E-mail accounts' item (previously available only from Settings).
  • Translation job - currency rates updates automatically when Currency is changed.
  • Translation assignments list - added pre-defined filters on the ribbon.
  • Job list - 'Contractors' column - list of assigned contractors is displayed in multiline form.
  • Small fixes in built-in invoice template v7.
  • Bug fixes.

3.1.35 (13-dec-2017)

  • Another new built-in invoice template. Last one for now.
  • Invoice list - added 'Paid date' column (hidden by default, use Column chooser to show it).
  • Fixes in all built-in invoice templates. Now, instead of 2 data sources, each invoice template contains one data source - Invoice. This source contains User field, which contains your data and settings. Previously, to access your data, it was necessary to create second data source.
  • Jobs - fixed an issue when it was impossible to change Job status when job amount is zero.
  • CAT data import UI fully refreshed. Instead of wizard, clicking on Import button expands drop-down list, where you select what you want to import. Depending on choice, corresponding dialog window appears. In general, workflow is more fluent now, in line with overall BaccS design.
  • CAT data import - MemoQ analysis file - if the file contains analysis results for multiple languages, than you will be able to select which language to import.
  • Some changes under the hood - preparing for future larger updates.
  • Bug fixes.

3.1.34 (08-dec-2017)

  • New built-in invoice template (sixth).
  • Few fixes in the yesterday's new invoice template (v5).
  • Job list - new 'Paid date' column (hidden by default, use Column chooser to show it).
  • connection improvements.

3.1.33 (07-dec-2017)

  • New nice looking invoice template (v5). More to come!
  • Few fixes in default invoice templates.
  • Translation jobs list - there were two 'Assigned volume' columns - one of these columns renamed to 'Assigned amount'.
  • Minor fixes.

3.1.32 (06-dec-2017)

  • Performance improvements.
  • Job editing form - Job tasks table - added 'Fuzzy weight' and 'Weighted quantity' columns (hidden by default).
  • Job editing form - Date of delivery - added a button to quickly change job status to 'Sent' and copy Deadline date to the Date of delivery field.
  • Translation assignment editing form - changed translators' pickup behavior. Now, instead of two tables with drag-and-drop support, there is only one table and 'Add a candidate' button, which opens dialog window to add translators to the candidates list.
  • Translation assignment - translators' pickup - send availability request command - fixed incorrect behavior.
  • Contractors list - added 'Send e-mail' button.
  • Contact persons list - added 'Send e-mail' button.
  • Submit idea dialog - fixed an issue with file attachments.

3.1.31 (04-dec-2017)

  • UI polishing (for example, for clarity, not it is impossible to delete a record from editing view - deletion is possible only from list views).
  • Translation project - added 'PO number' field.
  • Contractors list - added 'Archived' and 'Archive reason' fields. Allow to hide archived contractors from the main list (see built-in filters). Also, added 'Archive' button, which allows to mark selected contractors as archived.
  • Bug/issues fixes.

3.1.30 (01-dec-2017)

  • New approach to save behavior. When you create a job/invoice/assignment not from list view, but from customer/project/job editing forms, then clicking Save button in the created operation leads to its immediate saving. Previously, such new objects were not saved until parent object was saved. Example: when you created an assignment from a job editing form, this assignment wasn't saved until parent job was saved. Now such assignments will be saved immediately. In addition, these objects are created in tabs instead of popup windows.
  • Job editing form - added 'Responsible person' field. It is hidden by default. To show it, open job editing form customization dialog.
  • F1 button now opens manual.
  • All lists - when the list is grouped, then after refreshing this list opening state of all groups will be saved.
  • Minor bug fixes.

3.1.27 (28-nov-2017)

  • New setting (Applications settings tab) - 'Send copies of mail messages to myself' - allows to always get copies of messages you sent using built-in mail sender.
  • Invoice - new 'Status' column. Provides the following variants: Created, Sent, Partially paid, Paid, Partially rejected, Rejected.
  • Invoice list - new command to quickly change status of the selected invoices.
  • Mail sender - a number of fixes to make it compatible with more mail providers. If previously you were not able to setup your e-mail account, please try again - maybe it will work now. Currently, the only one known mailbox which is incompatible with BaccS is iCloud.
  • Mail sender - if invoice is attached to mail message, corresponding invoice automatically marked as Sent after sending a message.
  • Better support for high DPI screens (previously you could notice blurry image).
  • TO3000 import fixes.
  • As always, bug fixes.

3.1.26 (27-nov-2017)

  • New feature - last minute invoice form editing. When you click Print button to get invoice form preview, sometimes you may need to correct text alignment, or simply make minor changes here and there. From now, it is possible to make such corrections. This feature is supported only in default invoice templates. To turn in on in your own templates, please open it in the designer and change EditingOptions property of the corresponding control(s) in your template.
  • invoice importing - now the program creates a corresponding job for each imported invoice.
  • Translation project editing window - possibility to clone a job even if the project is not saved.
  • Translation project editing window - when creating a new job, customer will be automatically filled.
  • A number of minor bug fixes - thank you for sending bug reports!

3.1.25 (24-nov-2017)

  • New default report: Time analysis. Shows some interesting figures based on working time you've spend on each job. To make this report working, 'Edit time' field must be filled.
  • Job editing form - added 'Save and invoice' button. Allows to save current job, close editing form and immediately create a new invoice based on this job.
  • Changes in Invoice editing form. Instead of 2 panes with invoice rows and available jobs (it was possible to drag rows from right table to the left one), now there is only one main table and a button called 'Add jobs', which opens popup window to select jobs you'd like to add to an invoice. This is done for ergonomic reasons.
  • Incoming payment editing form - same changes as in invoice editing form.
  • Outgoing payment editing form - same changes as in invoice editing form.
  • Few small invisible fixes.

3.1.23 (21-nov-2017)

  • New theme - 'The Bezier'. It supports a number of color palettes, which you may switch using Color palettes button near themes gallery.
  • Performance improvements in tables. From now, DirectX library is used for rendering, when possible.
  • New way to quickly create jobs. Instead of the gallery in the Tools tab of the ribbon, a new 'Quick job creation' button is added to the main tab. When clicked, you can select one of your main customers or simply create an empty job. This button is always visible, no matter which tab is selected.
  • Settings - added '...' in the 'Invoice save folder' field.
  • Job editing form - job tasks. Added a button to calculate quantity from amount value. Corresponding shortcut - F6.
  • Invoice printing - fixed a bug with exporting to DOCX format.
  • Invoices/payments - if you use sync of invoices with Google Calendar, than paid invoices will be automatically deleted from the scheduler after creating a payment.
  • Fixed a bug when translation assignment was marked as paid even if it was partially paid.
  • Minor fixes, as always.

3.1.22 (16-nov-2017)

  • Context help: some navigation items now provide contextual quick access to a corresponding manual articles.
  • Few changes in the default navigation tree.
  • Performance improvements - program works much faster now.
  • Minor bug fixes.

3.1.21 (14-nov-2017)

  • New feature - Batch change in the Customer list.
  • Default invoice templates were re-designed a bit. Now the structure became much easier to understand, and all built-in invoice templates contain one detail report instead of two (previously, one detail report was used to display invoice rows with empty job, and second detail report was used to display invoice rows with non-empty job). Recommend to check new templates in the designer (copy one of predefined templates) - you will find them much cleaner.
  • Job - when 'Notes' field isn't cloned when creating new job on the base of previous one.
  • All lists - when Refresh button is pressed, the program persists selection and groups state.
  • Minor bug fixes.

3.1.20 (13-nov-2017)

  • All lists - when closed, the program will save selected row and group expansion status.
  • Dashboards module - now your dashboards will be added to the context of the corresponding entity types. Example: if dashboard is build on the base of translation jobs data, this dashboard will be added to the context of the Translation jobs command in the navigation tree, under QuickReports item. This new function allows to get access to your custom reports in the context of target object type, not only via Reports section. In future I will add more build-in QuickReports (Dashboards).
  • Analysis module depreciated. Since Dashboards module can solve all similar tasks in much more user-friendly way, I've decided to delete Analysis module.
  • Fixed a bug when it was impossible to create more than 2 e-mail accounts.
  • Fixes in data import from ver2.

3.1.16 (08-nov-2017)

  • Translation assignment - added 'Currency rate' field (automatically sets to the linked job currency rate, if currencies are the same)
  • Translation assignment list - added 'Change status' quick action
  • Translation assignment - possibility to specify time in the 'Deadline' field
  • Translation job - fixed 'Contractors' column, which was cloned during job copying, which may lead to incorrect data in this column
  • Appearance rules editor - added 'Priority' field, which allows to specify priority for overlapped rules
  • Dashboard - Earning chart wasn't automatically updated after creating new job
  • WIWO edit form - list of languages is loaded from database instead of internal list of languages
  • Default invoice templates - fixes in templates 2, 3 and 4 to include invoice subscription text at the bottom
  • Minor bug fixes (about 5 different error messages)

3.1.15 (07-nov-2017)

  • Improved 'Conditional formatting' feature. Now each list contains an 'Appearance rules' button, which allows to quickly edit built-in and create own appearance rules without need to open Model editor. This feature became much easier to use.
  • Fixes in connection procedure (few Plus subscribers experienced problems with unlocking full version).
  • Job list - added new view variant (job list with details, which displays contents of the selected job without need to open edit form).
  • Currency rates downloader - added new source - UK's HMRC.
  • Dashboard - Earnings chart - added labels.
  • Payment list - 'Invoices' column was empty - this is fixed now.
  • Customer editing form - added total to lists of jobs, invoices, projects, etc.
  • Job editing form - new field - 'Responsible person' (visible only for teams). Allow to select staff member who is responsible for the job. Later will be used to build reports.
  • Job editing form - new field - 'Post WIWO'. Check this box to automatically post WIWO entry when saving a job.
  • A number of bug fixes on the base of reports you've sent during last days.

3.1.12 and 3.1.13 (01-nov-2017)

  • Settings - impossible to save when base currency is not selected. Please, open Settings and confirm that you have base currency selected in the Application settings tab
  • Blue Board window - double click on url allows to open company page in your browser
  • A number of bug fixes linked with editing data in different forms. For example, when you had customer editing form opened, made any changes there, then switched to translation jobs list and created new job for this unsaved customer, you've got error. About 4 such bug fixes, so you must get much less such messages
  • Invoice list - when switching view variant, another summary row was created
  • Mail sender - fixed attachments issue, when recipient got empty file instead of attached PDF file
  • TO3000 importer - fixed currency rates in imported invoices
  • Fixed 'Default prices' displayed in the customer list
  • Fixed 'Object was modified by another user' message

3.1.11 (31-oct-2017)

  • New feature - Blue Board. Now you can download Blue Board information, mark and comment interesting (potential) customers, apply filters, group and search customers using default extensive BaccS features. In addition, you can fetch updates to view updates on the Blue Board (which customers were added, which got new feedback, etc.). Finally, there is a button to create a customer in BaccS on the base of Blue Board information (turn potential customer into the real one)
  • Updated 'Mail sender' feature:
    • Message templates now contain more variables ('Insert variable' button on the ribbon);
    • Message can't be send until it is saved;
    • In the recipient list, 'Last name' column was added. Now you can insert firt name and last name of the recipient into the message text using different variables;
    • Possibility to insert information about linked translation job (when sending quotes), invoice (when sending invoice or payment reminder) and translation assignments (when sending purchase orders)
  • New setting - ''Automatically send information about errors to BaccS developer'. This is set by default and eliminates need to send log file to me when any error occurs. Each message is about 1 Kb, and contains no any personal information. Error information is doubled in baccs.log file, so you can check that it is safe to send such information without worries about data security
  • Report - possibility to clone reports which are not predefined
  • Customer editing form - added second variant for small screens (to switch, use 'View variants' button on the ribbon). Once switched, next time this form will be used by default
  • Default invoice template v1 - fixed Quantity column
  • Update ‘Template designer’ section in manual. Hope now it will be slightly easier for you to create own templates. Link:
  • Small bug fixes

3.1.10 (27-oct-2017)

  • Localization is back. All localized strings from version 2 are now transferred to version 3. New version contains about 2000 new strings for each language. I've created online projects for each one (using SmartCAT platform). If you wish to help with localization, click corresponding button on the main page or follow this link:
  • Settings - Application settings - added an option to automatically create backups (with possibility to select a folder where to put backups)!
  • Translation assignments - Register invoice - status of selected assignments is automatically changed to 'Invoiced'
  • Translation job - while editing a job, folder name will be automatically re-detected if you make any changes in the fields which may be a base for folder name
  • Audit trail module is turned off - it leads to fast database size growth
  • Few tiny 'polishing' fixes

3.1.7 (25-oct-2017)

  • More fixes in data import procedure from version 2
  • Currency rates downloader - previously selected source of rates is saved for the next time
  • Currency rates downloader - currency automatically selected depending on the currently edited object
  • Currency rates downloader - fixes in downloading rates from Central Bank of Russia
  • Work fields - possibility to import specializations from database
  • Work fields - added a button to view/edit categories
  • Dashboard - few settings were not saved (including chart and notepad) - this is fixed now
  • Dashboard - Earnings chart - October and November were swapped :)
  • Translation assignment list - added 'Register invoice' button
  • Translation assignment - added 'Invoice number' field
  • Translation jobs list - added new default filter - 'Sent'
  • Invoice printing - fixed a bug when only one payment method was displayed in the printing form
  • Scheduler - fixed visibility of customer names if initial view is set to Month
  • Scheduler - possibility to hide month navigator on the right

3.1.6 (24-oct-2017)

  • Fixed a bug with Google calendar syncing
  • Contractors table - added Rates and Languages columns (hidden by default)
  • Customer contact - existing Name column was split to 'First Name' and 'Last Name' columns. Last name field is empty for all contacts, while First Name contains information from Nam column. Please make manual corrections if needed
  • Dashboard - Chart with word count - added few predefined filters
  • Few minor fixes

3.1.5 (23-oct-2017)

  • Application launch - logon screen won't be shown if you use default 'admin' user with empty password
  • Job list - fixes in Batch change function
  • Attached files - added Date column (to store date when a file has been added)
  • Translation job - possibility to attach files (in addition to files stored on disk)
  • Translation job - when selecting a project, drop-down list will be automatically filtered by the currently selected customer
  • Translation assignment - possibility to attach files (for example, invoices from vendors)
  • Translation assignment - added 'Redetect prices' button above the tasks table
  • Translation project - possibility to attach files (for example, source and reference files)
  • Translation project - possibility to view assignments linked with the project
  • Summaries in all tables - removed 'SUM=' label before summary and formatted summaries to include thousand separators

3.1.4 (22-oct-2017)

  • Fixes in data transfer mechanism from version 2
  • Few fixes in the Dashboard
  • Adjustments in the Performace report
  • Translation assignment - possibility to inport data from CAT tools
  • Translation assignment - when created on the base of job, all prices are zero by default. When any vendor is selected, the programwill pick-up prices from the selected vendor's settings
  • Translation jobs list - fixes in Batch editor
  • A number of fixes in the default invoice templates

3.1.3 (20-oct-2017)

  • Fixes in data transfer mechanism from version 2
  • Customer editing form - added possibility to attach files
  • Usability improvements in drop-down boxes with search - results are filtered and highlighted (example: customer in the job editing form)
  • Settings - settings - display status of Plus subscription
  • Few fixed in default invoice templates

3.1.2 (19-oct-2017)

  • Currency rates downloader - new source - Central Bank of Russia.
  • Contractors - possibility to attach files to contractors (CVs, NDAs, etc.).
  • All tables - improved inline editing - current cell is highlighted, and Enter key moves cursor to the next column or opens combo-box to select value.
  • Fixes in data transfer mechanism from version 2 - few users had problems with importing data.
  • Dashboard - fixed small error which prevented dashboard from opening.
  • On attempt to delete customer, job, project, the program will show corresponding warning message.

Changelog up to version 3 (2016-2017) can be found on this archive page