Welcome to BaccS – an application for freelancers and individuals, which allows you to track projects, manage invoices, print quotes, create custom invoice templates, generate a batch of different reports, generate CVs and control the current state of your freelance translation business.

This software was created by one man, who loves programming in addition to translation. I started my translation career in 2009, and almost at the same time the development process for what would become this application had also been started. The first version was done very quickly, and allowed me just to track deadlines and issue invoices. Then more and more features were added, intended to help me to solve new issues that appeared in my daily work as a translator. I've added default settings for one’s clients (including date of contact, default rates, invoicing requirements), balance statement report to reconcile jobs and payments, different reports to show performance for any period of time, time tracking features, etc. Then the time had come for the individual planner and CV generator. The former helped to control workload, while the latter allowed me to automate the boring operation of updating my CV with my most recent projects, changed rates, etc.

Over time, this program I used every day came to be more polished. It allowed to save a lot of time managing the business and it allowed me to just concentrate on translation. The default workflow, which includes client creation, adding default rates, projects and job registration, automatic invoice creation, registration of incoming payments, generating performance reports and updating personal CV was implemented.

And now, I believe it is ready to be presented to the public. I know that many people never use any management software and prefer simple tables. Well, there is a much more efficient way to manage your translation business, and I believe you will change your mind when you make the switch to BaccS.

I wish you happy reading!

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