Installation of PosgreSQL database management engine is fast and simple. You can get a fully ready database server in about a minute. Just go to the PostgreSQL web-site, select Download and choose correct installation package (according your operating system). Depending on operating system, you will see different instructions for installation. If you use Windows, simply download interactive installer, run it and follow simple procedure of installation. No any default settings should not be changed. The only thing you need to do during installation is to select admin password. Please don't forget it, as it will be required to connect BaccS to PostgreSQL server.

After installation, run pgAdmin 4 utility, which was installed along with the server. Enter your password and confirm that server works correctly. You will see something as following:

From within BaccS, you can create and restore backups only when the program in local mode. With network mode, backups are created using corresponding database engine (PostgreSQL, in this case). Do to this, simply expand server - Databases - find your database, right click on it and select Backup (or Restore):

Specify parameters, select compression ratio if your database file size is large enough, and click Backup.

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