Translator edition

120.00 USD

Permanent license. 3 years of free updates.

Personal usage and portability

Payment and refund terms

Team edition

500.00 USD

Permanent license. 3 years of free updates.

Group usage with simultaneous data access

Not limited number of users!

Store database in a local network or in the cloud

Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database engines are supported

Help with setting up database server (Remote Desktop/TeamViewer session or voice instructions by Skype)

Best-in-class security system

Files, invoice templates, reports are shared between all users

Additional information (how to test network version)

Cloud database server rent: 15.00 USD/month

Payment and refund terms

* Permanent license means lifetime license, which allows to get updates during 3 years and then continue using the software without updates.

* Free update means allowance to get all updates, even if major version number changes (for example, from version 2 to version 3)

* All versions include free help with customization of 1 invoice template per user's requirements

Download demo version

(~70 Mb)

Request license code

(if previously purchased)

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