What's new

All changes relate to both versions (Windows and Web), unless otherwise specified.

4.14.0 (27-Feb-2019)

  • [NEW] New view – 'Global book', which can be found in the 'Workspace' section of the navigation tree. This new view displays all documents existing in the system in a single table.
    Documentation article
  • Application settings – moved 'PO Number format' field to the 'Translation assignments' tab.
  • Application settings – 'Translation assignments' tab – added 'Reset numbering each year' option.
  • Application settings – 'Job settings' tab – added new variable to 'Job folder name template' field – variable 13 named 'Project number'.
  • Application settings and Contractor editing form – new items in the 'Time zone' field. Now the list includes all world time zones and supports quick searching functionality.
  • All built-in invoice templates – worked on design:
    • improved currency symbol printing;
    • eliminated cases when totals may be started from a second page - when this happens, system automatically moves at least one invoice row to a next page as well.
  • Invoice list – 'Change status' menu – added 'Proforma' option.
  • Invoices – system does not create balance transactions for invoices with 'Proforma' status. In other words, such invoices have zero in 'Due' column and do not affect on a balance with customers.
  • Translation job – 'Prefill fuzzy types' button – resulted to fill job tasks with customer's default fuzzy scheme or global default fuzzy scheme, but fuzzy scheme selected explicitly in a job was ignored.
  • Translation project – added 'Customer contact' field.
  • Translation project editing form – added 'Invoices' and 'Incoming invoices' tabs, which display all invoices from jobs and assignments linked with a project.
  • Translation project – fixed project saving error after deleting an assignment from project editing form.
  • Translation project – fixed a bug with assigning identical number to assignment created using 'Create assignments' button in the project editing form.
  • Translation assignments – added 'Project name' column to default list views. It displays project name if base job is linked with any translation project.
  • Payment methods – added two new fields: 'Notes' and 'Is default'. Latter allows to select default payment method(s) for particular currencies.
  • Customer editing form – added 'Default formatting language' setting, which allows to set default formatting culture for documents printed for particular customers. This parameter specifies formatting rules applied to dates and amounts printed in invoices, credit notes and other documents.
  • Mail sender – added 'Customer name' variable to the 'Translation job' group of variables.
  • Reports and templates – possibility to disable printing templates, so unwanted templates (especially built-in, which can't be deleted) won't be available for selection under Print button.
  • QuickReports – Fixed 'Vendor performance' report.
  • Dashboard – fixes in customization dialog.
  • Dashboard – Customization – added 'Parent group' field to the dashboard item editing form.
  • Made a lot of UI elements localizable. If you're using custom localization approach, please consider localization of new strings added to the localization tool.

4.13.9 (01-Feb-2019)

  • Built-in invoice templates – added 'Charged expenses' field to all templates.
  • Built-in invoice templates – some built-in invoice templates incorrectly hide fuzzy matches and work types (when a job contains multiple tasks with different fuzzy types which must be printed in invoice).
  • Outgoing payments – possibility to select contractor when paying to contractor, or external party when paying to external party.

4.13.6 (25-Jan-2019)

Since application is stable now, time has finally come to switch to a schedule with 1-2 updates per month (with possibility to release fixes of critical bugs, if found). Some of you loved frequent updates, some not. It became difficult to keep same development tempo (increased number of support requests, more testing, more complex planned features). Main focus for upcoming months – web version (make it faster and prettier), outsourcing module (make it smarter, easier and flexible), and a bit of reporting (more built-in reports).

Please continue sending ideas, bug reports and suggestions – all these years we've been improving BaccS together.

  • Application settings – added new field – 'Full address'. Previously full address was composed automatically. Now, when you edit address line, city and other address fields, the system automatically composes full address, which can be manually edited when needed. This field is used by default in all documents, like invoices, quotes, etc.
  • Contractor – added new fields: 'Default tax 3', 'Phone 2' and 'Fax'.
  • Contractors list – added new section into live filters – 'Services provided'. Now it's possible to quickly filter contractors by services they provide.
  • Fixed chart on the dashboard, which wasn't automatically update after creating new job (or making other changes).
  • Bug fixes in a new UI manager – there were errors in web version.

4.13.5 (23-Jan-2019)

  • Translation jobs – changed 'Create assignment' button. Now it's possible to create single assignment for all unassigned tasks, or create separate assignment per each service type existing in a job.
  • Quotes – added possibility to choose what to create from a quote – translation projects (with jobs), or translation jobs without project.
  • Contractor – added 'Title' field.
  • Contractor list – added 'Services provided' column (hidden by default).
  • Mail message – added 'Recipient title' variable.

4.13.4 (22-Jan-2019)

  • NEW UI Settings manager. Now it's possible to hide from UI unwanted features (translation projects, translation assignments, checklists, favorites, custom filters, receivables and payables, quotes, mail sender, predefined tasks). Available from Tools > Manage UI Settings.
  • NEW First launch dialog. Shows few hints and short description of general workflow. Will be shown for all users after this update.
  • Fixed calculations in Quotes.

4.13.3 (20-Jan-2019)

  • Dashboard – Earnings chart – added new filter – 'Last 12 months'.
  • Translation job task – added new column – 'Assignee', which shows contractor assigned to a task. This column is hidden by default, please use Column chooser to display it.
  • Few fixes with connection in network mode when PostgreSQL database engine is used.

4.13.2 (18-Jan-2019)

  • Invoices – added 'Payment reminder sent' field. Helps to find out if payment reminder has been sent over an invoice. This flag is selected automatically when payment reminding message is created. Or you can check it manually on invoice editing screen. In the list view, this column is hidden by default (use Column chooser to display it).
  • Incoming invoices – added possibility to create incoming invoices not only from contractors per translation assignments, but also from external parties (for example, for equipment, other services, etc.). This allows to track payment status of such external invoices.
  • Tabbed UI (desktop version) – tabs can now be floated (for example, to move them to another screen).
  • Fixed invoice number generation when number includes currency name.
  • Few fixes with connection in network mode when PostgreSQL database engine is used.

4.13.1 (16-Jan-2019)

  • NEW Notifications to users when creating new or changing status of existing jobs and projects. Corresponding set of options has been added to the 'Settings > Application settings, p2' screen. See updated documentation article:
    Application settings
  • Translation job task – "Fuzzy weight" column – fixes in calculation mechanism.
  • Default dashboard – old representation of earnings chart has been returned by default (with a toggle to switch between linear and columnar modes).
  • Dashboard configuration screen – fixed a situation when "Earnings chart general" gets replaced by "Earnings chart" and vice versa.
  • Small fixes in Italian e-invoicing.

4.12.11 (10-Jan-2019)

  • Important fixes in e-invoices for Italy. We're close to production.
  • Updated base libraries.

4.12.10 (09-Jan-2019)

  • Reference data – Country – added 'Region' field. By default, there is one predefined region called 'EU'. It allows he system to determine if customer belongs to EU (for e-invoicing reasons).
  • Translation jobs – fixes in price pickup mechanism – when detected price is zero (for example, for perfect matches), the system ignored that and picked a price for no match fuzzy.
  • Invoice – added validation rule to 'Partial factor' in invoice items. The system won't allow to save an invoice if value in this field doesn't fall into range between 0 and 100.
  • Few design fixes in the credit note built-in template.
  • Fixes in e-invoices for Italy.
  • Fixed a bug with deleting units.

4.12.9 (08-Jan-2019)

  • Fixes in jobs numeration, which worked incorrectly in rare cases, when 'Reset numbering each year' and 'Per-customer numeration' options are used together.
  • Fixes in built-in custom report 'Contractors – list of jobs with ratings'.
  • Web-portal for vendors – added incomplete checklist items to the 'Final delivery' screen. Vendors now can check missed checklist items and mark them as completed while uploading files.

4.12.8 (04-Jan-2019)

  • Contacts – added 'Alternate e-mail' field. It will be automatically added to CC field when creating messages to a contact.
  • Few fixes in default invoice templates.
  • Fixes with invoice numbering, when creating invoice with date in previous year/month in case of using 'Reset numbering each year' or 'Reset numbering each month'.
  • Fixes in Excel importing procedure.

4.12.7 (03-Jan-2019)

  • [NEW] Units – added new field – 'Base unit'. It allows to link a unit with some base unit with possibility to provide conversion factor. This approach allows to set prices for one base unit, and share them with 'dependent' units, without possibility to specify additional prices. Please check updated documentation article:
  • List of jobs – added possibility to print 'Order confirmation'.
  • List of payments (in and out) – added 'Invoices' column, which shows invoice numbers included in a payment.
  • When all assignments are marked as completed, the system offers to mark base translation job as Finished.
  • Contractor editing form – added 'Milestones' table, with the same purpose as similar table for customers.
  • Contractor – added 'Employment status' field.
  • Batch of small fixes.

4.12.6 (19-Dec-2018)

  • For some reason, Batch change button from Expenses list was displayed in all lists.
  • Fixed a bug with calculation of Undistributed amount field in Incoming Payments and Outgoing Payments.
  • Translation job editing form - 'Responsible person' field is now displayed by default (if 'Simplify UI' option is turned off in the application settings).

4.12.5 (18-Dec-2018)

  • Quote – fixed a bug with editing a price in a quote item, when amount was changed immediately while typing a value, which could lead to impossibility to normally enter price value.
  • Application settings – fixed a bug with setting database storage directory through folder selector.

4.12.4 (17-Dec-2018)

  • NEW All reference data tables – added 'Replace links to this entry' button, which allows to find references to a selected entry throughout whole database and replace those reference by another entry pf the same type. This function will be useful when you wish to delete some entry from reference data table (for example, some Unit), but have a lot of references to this entry, and it could take a lot of time to change them manually.
  • Expenses table – added 'Batch change' feature.
  • Fixed a bug with numeration of jobs and invoices when number includes part of date (year, month or day).
  • Payment editing window – when selecting an invoice, only invoices from selected customer will be displayed in the drop-down list.
  • Outgoing payment editing window – when selecting an invoice, only invoices from selected contractor will be displayed in the drop-down list.
  • Report designer – removed trust confirmation when opening externally imported report.

4.12.1 (13-Dec-2018)

  • Dashboard configuration screen – implemented drag and drop functionality for easier moving of columns and widgets between columns.
  • Translation jobs – when work status was changed to 'Sent' from job list, the system offered to mark linked translation assignments as delivered as well. However, this didn't happen when job status has been changed from job editing window. Now this is fixed, and confirmation works in both cases.
  • Bug fixes.

4.11.10 (12-Dec-2018)

  • Dashboards customization – further improvements and bug fixes. Now it's possible to create nested groups with defined orientation of widgets, which allows to create any layout structure (in previous version, widgets were aligned by columns only).
  • Translation job editing window – when creating a new invoice from 'Linked invoices' tab, invoice will be automatically filled with data of current job.
  • Bug fixes.

4.11.9 (10-Dec-2018)

    Until now, two types of dashboards existed: old and new. Due to problems with new version of dashboards it was decided to depreciate them and return to old, improved version of dashboards. What has been improved:
    • Finally, customization is supported in web version – identical to desktop version, except colors are not supported for now;
    • Much more user-friendly dashboard configuration screen, with easier process of creating new widgets;
    • Colors support;
    • Automatically added splitters between columns and widgets;
    • Possibility to open any widget in a new tab to view it in full screen;
    • More space-saving layouts comparing to depreciated new dashboards;
    • Customizations shouldn't be lost between application updates.

    What actions are needed after update:
    • Open any dashboard – if it looks well, no any actions are required;
    • If your customized dashboard got corrupted (missing widgets), open configuration screen and make necessary changes to widget properties; if you can't fix it, click 'Reset view settings' on a dashboard to get current default configuration.

    Updated documentation article
  • Application settings – new parameter – "Allow vendors edit only empty fields", which is intended to make only empty fields available for editing in a vendor's profile.
  • Fixes in vendor portal (restricted access to some fields in invoice editing form).
  • Small bug fixes based on received bug reports.

4.11.8 (04-Dec-2018)

Small maintenance update:
  • Fully updated Russian localization.
  • Vendor portal – Vendor details editing window – added 'Request changes' button, which allows to send a request to system administrator to make changes in contractor's profile, when contractor is not able to edit it.
  • Vendor portal – fixes in Invoice editing window (restrict access to total amount).
  • Few small bug fixes.

4.11.6 (27-Nov-2018)

  • List of assignments – new view mode, which allows to display list of contractors on the left of assignment list. Only assignments of selected contractor can be displayed. To turn this option, open Settings > Assignment settings, and check 'Categorized list of assignments' box.
  • List of assignments – added new columns (hidden by default): 'Assignments in work' and 'Total assignments'
  • Payment methods – added 'Archive' and 'Archive notes' fields. Archived payment methods won't be available for selection in new invoices.
  • Small bug fixes.

4.11.4 (23-Nov-2018)

  • Important. BREAKING CHANGES!
    Status field of translation jobs and translation assignments has been split into two fields: Work status and Payment status. This allows to eliminate status overriding problems (for example, when job has been paid in advance while in processing status).
    What actions are required after update:
    if you use custom appearance rules or custom saved filters for jobs and assignments, which rely on status value, you have to adjust these rules accordingly after update.
  • Translation jobs list – adjusted default colors to make grid clearer.
  • Translation jobs list – long text in Notes and other fields will be truncated to fit up to 3 lines of text. Hovering on a cell allows to display whole contents (only desktop version).
  • Invoices – added new status – 'Proforma'.
  • Checklists – fixed a bug which didn't allow to delete checklists.
  • Web-version – fixed a bug when application crashed after displaying new notification.

4.11.3 (20-Nov-2018)

  • Dashboard (new) – customizations should not disappear anymore. However, with this release only table layout is available (Flow and Free layout support was removed). Due to this change, part of your current customizations could be lost (all widgets will appear in one cell and will require re-alignment; however, color settings should not be lost).
  • Role customization screen – few more predefined quick configurations.
  • Fixed app crash when filtering lists from dashboard.

4.11.2 (19-Nov-2018)

  • Fixes in security system.
  • Role configuration screen – added 'Quick configuration' button to quickly add necessary rights configuration for common tasks. The list is short now, but will be expanding with time.
  • Fixes in new dashboard.

4.11.0 (13-Nov-2018)

  • User – added 'First name' and 'Last name' fields, which can be used in mail sender. Allows to use variables replaced by details of a currently logged in user.
  • Fixed a bug with doubling file attachments when adding files from HDD.
  • File selector when creating e-mail messages – added 'Clear all' button to quickly remove all default items.
  • Changed behavior of mail message creation from translation assignments. If only one message is created, editing window will be opened for that message, from where it's possible to edit and send it. If multiple messages are created, a new tab with messages opens (instead of popup window).
  • Desktop version – improved depending tab refreshing after certain actions (for example, translation assignment creation from translation job editing window).

4.11.0 (13-Nov-2018)

  • All new icons. Although look of some icons has been changed, which may be inconvenient, we have switched to SCG icons throughout the application, which means better support of 4k monitors, and modernized look and feel of the whole application.
  • New navigation tree with search support and collapsible state.
  • New Office 2019 skin with several color palettes (only Windows version) and new ribbon style.
    These two screenshots demonstrate new theme, new icons, color palettes, collapsed/expanded navigation and ribbon states:
  • Improved theme and palette selector (only Windows version).
  • The Bezier Skin – several new color palettes: High Contrast White, High Contrast Black, VS Light, VS Dark, VS Blue, Twenty, Twenty Gold (only Windows version).
  • Invoice designer – much improved Properties panel for easier and more convenient access to object properties (only Windows version).
  • Desktop application – removed possibility to switch to classical menu style instead of ribbon menu, because new style allows to make ribbon compact, as with classical menu style.
  • QuickReports – possibility to organize widgets in tabs.
  • Improvements in default layouts of many detail views.

4.10.1 (08-Nov-2018)

  • Dashboard – clicking on Manage widgets button lead to loosing current customization made in widgets (they were save only after closing dashboard).
  • Translation job – direct import of analysis reports from SDL Trados – added possibility to change projects location.
  • Contractors – fixed context filtering by Country.
  • Contractors – added possibility to resize context filter.
  • Settings – database connection settings are now stored in secure bin format, instead of json, which hides database passwords from users.
  • Greatly improved web application performance – welcome to try/test.
  • Few bug fixes.

4.10.0 (01-Nov-2018)

  • [NEW] Redesigned approach to working with projects:
    • Depreciated Translation management center (instead, it is incorporated in the Project editing window);
    • Added Job tasks and Assignment tasks tabs to edit tasks in batch mode;
    • Possibility to make edits in Job list and Assignment list right in the table, without opening editing forms;
    • Totals panel displaying project results, undelivered jobs and assignments;
    • Changed default columns in all tabs to better display project progress, unassigned volumes and final results;
    • Possibility to batch create assignments with automated determination of deadlines;
    • Mail messages tab to view/edit/send messages linked with project's jobs and assignments.

    Please carefully read updated documentation to take advantage of new features:
    Translation projects

  • [NEW] New built-in custom report – All transactions – allows to display all jobs, assignments, invoices, payments, expenses and income per selected period in one single report available for printing.
  • Translation job list – added 'Average rate' column (hidden by default).
  • Translation job list – added 'Services' column (hidden by default), which contains comma-separated service name from assignment tasks.
  • Translation assignment – added 'Mail messages' tab to view all mail messages linked with an assignment.
  • Workload planner – the system now takes deadline time into account. If a job should be delivered earlier on deadline day, workload planner will attempt to assign lower volume to a last day.
  • Better time selection everywhere (for example, in Deadline field) – added a list of common time values for quick selection.
  • Security – 'Export' button is available only to users who has 'Delete' rights in a corresponding list.
  • Global 'Create' button – changed order of items in the drop-down menu to move most important items to the top of the list.
  • Web-version – dashboard – added Earning chart.

4.9.1 (25-Oct-2018)

  • Fixed bugs with importing invoices from ProZ.com.
  • Possible fix of 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' message appeared after saving a new job.
  • Fix with creating translation assignments from jobs which has been created using Clone or Quick job creation functions.

4.9.0 (24-Oct-2018)

  • [NEW] Universal export/import to/from Excel! Now it’s possible to export any data to Excel, edit it there or insert new records, and then import back to BaccS. Allows to import data into BaccS from external systems, to transfer data between databases, or just edit data in Excel environment.
    As with any new function, issues are possible. Asking you to share any information about found issues/bugs.
  • Import from CAT tools – possibility to convert volumes reported by a CAT tool into any unit (previously there was an option to only convert volumes into Lines). You can select target unit, conversion factor and source of volume (words, characters or words+characters).
  • Bug fixes.

4.8.1 (19-Oct-2018)

  • Contractor – added 'Time zone' field. Now it's possible to specify vendor's time zone and automatically convert assignment deadlines.
  • Contractor – added 'Language code' field, which allows to format dates and amounts in e-mails according vendor's culture.
  • Translation assignment editing window – added view-only 'Deadline (vendor's time zone)' field near 'Deadline' filed. The same field can be used in your PO templates.
  • Mail messages and mail templates – new variable – AssignmentDeadlineLocal (deadline converted into vendor's time zone).
  • Settings page and many other views will be opened much faster.
  • Web-version – a number of fixes 'under the hood'.

4.8.0 (16-Oct-2018)

  • [NEW] Checklists. It is now possible to create checklists and load them into projects/jobs/assignments, which should help to remember about actions needed to be performed before delivery. The system allows to create default and predefined checklists so they can be quickly inserted into documents.
  • Settings – Application settings – Numbering: added new variable – Currency.
  • Settings – Application settings – added new group called 'Checklists', which allows to define default checklists which will be automatically added to all created jobs, projects and assignments.
  • Translation jobs – added 'Linked expenses' tab. It allows to link any Expense with a translation job, and this expense will be automatically added to an invoice created over this job.
  • Workload planner – the system now determines schedule according Average volume minus Assigned volume, to exclude volumes assigned to external collaborators. When a new assignment is created over a job, and Workload planner feature is turned on, then the system will automatically recalculate workload according new volume.
  • Layout changes in the Settings window.
  • Few core changes in e-invoice XML file generation for Italy. Important: VAT number now taken from E-invoice settings, not from general application settings.

4.7.7 (11-Oct-2018)

  • [NEW] Generation of electronic XML invoices for Italy and Poland. Currently implemented in TEST mode. Please don't use for real submission of invoices! To turn the feature on, open Settings – Invoice settings, and check 'Electronic invoices for Italy/Poland' checkbox. Then, open list of invoices and click E-invoices button to access settings and invoice generation item.
    To all users who will be testing it: please send any reports about generated XML files (any issues, incorrect information, impossibility to pass checks when using national software for invoice submission, etc.). Will be grateful to everyone who will be able to check XML file structure against national law.
    When the feature will go in production, it will be free for all users. No additional charges will be applied to get e-invoice generation module.
  • Improvements in filter manager feature.

4.7.5 (09-Oct-2018)

  • [NEW] From any list view, it is now possible to save currently applied filter under custom name for future use. To access this function, use Filters button on the toolbar, which allows to save current filter and open list of existing filters to edit and delete them.
  • Settings – Application settings – added 'Show language pairs as codes' setting, which allows to switch language pair presentation mode between Name=>Name and Iso2=>Iso2.
  • Quotes – when creating a job or a project over a quote, the system will transfer attached files to that project or invoice as well.
  • GroupShare phase change window – fixed a bug with displaying only a first vendor when assigning multiple vendors to a file. On mouse hover, it was possible to view all assigned vendors. From now, row height will be automatically adjusted to display all assigned vendors.
  • Slightly improved dashboard loading performance.
  • Fixed a bug with slow typing in the job editing form (more noticeable in network mode).

4.7.4 (04-Oct-2018)

  • Translation jobs – fixed average volume calculation when using custom fuzzy schemes.
  • Contractors – possibility to generate Vendor's report for selected contractors with options to save reports as PDF files or create mail messages to each contractor with attached report. Button for generating reports is available only via right click in the list of contractors.
  • Few minor bug fixes appeared in yesterday's update.

4.7.3 (04-Oct-2018)

  • [NEW] Automation rules to automatically send assignments to next vendors in a chain.
    Documentation article
  • Translation jobs – Tasks table – manual editing of amount leads to auto-calculation of quantity value.
  • Translation jobs – fixed wrong numeration when a job is created using 'Quick job creation' button and 'per-customer' numeration method is used.
  • Translation assignments - added 'Automation' tab for specify automatic behavior of an assignment.
  • Translation assignments – Rows to print table – now contains rows with zero quantities and amounts (affects contents of generated purchase orders).
  • Invoice – added 'Create credit note' button.
  • Translation projects – added view variant for small screens.
  • [NEW] Customers – added CRM features: 'Milestone' tab was renamed to 'Relations', and the table now contains additional columns: Reminder time, Result, Contact person. Providing value in the 'Reminder time' column automatically creates notification, so the system will remind you about actions planned for a customer.
  • Customers – in addition to the address field, a number of detail fields has been added (zip, city, state, street, house, etc.). When you edit any of these fields, 'Address' field gets automatically updated. Then, manual changes can be made in this field to make the address look as you wish.
  • Vendors – added 'Min charge' field. When assignment is being saved, the system will check if assignment amount is lower than contractor's minimal charge.
  • Vendors – 'Name' field is now not obligatory, which is not filled when a vendor is a company.
  • Message templates – added 'Read request' checkbox, to automatically request read notifications when a template is used to create mail message.
  • Language pair is now presented as ISO2=>ISO2, instead of Name=>Name (example, EN=>RU instead of English => Russian), so it takes less space in documents.
  • Import analysis reports from CAT tools – possibility to import characters instead of words.

Updated documentation:

Customer contacts Contractors SDL GroupShare – change project status Translation projects Security system

4.7.1 (27-Sep-2018)

  • A number of fixes in security system, which could lead to impossibility to provide access rights to vendors due to Customer portal feature introduced in previous update.
  • Contractors list – added new column – Date of availability, which shows closest date when a contractor will become available (after assigned jobs or vacation). This column is hidden by default.
  • Translation project list – added new column – Project progress (currently only shows GroupShare project progress or estimation based on deadline and current date). This column is hidden by default.
  • Translation project – GroupShare button – added 'Change status' option.

Updated documentation:

Install PostgreSQL

4.7.0 (25-Sep-2018)

  • [NEW] Customer portal (for web-version)! First release, so there could be issues with a new feature, and it is recommended to test customer users. Allows customers to view and edit personal information, create quotes, projects and invoices, upload and download files, exchange messages with a manager, view payments and credit notes, generate reports.
    Video tutorial and demonstration on YouTube
  • Settings – Application settings – PO Number format – added new variable – customer code.
  • Quote list and editing forms – added Accept and Decline actions.
  • Quotes – added 'Send message to a customer' button, which allows to send e-mail or internal message to a customer.
  • Translation job (list and detail form) – fixed functionality of the 'Write message to PM' action.
  • Translation jobs - fixed a bug with adding a job to existing in-advance invoice, when invoice due amount wasn’t correctly calculated in such cases.
  • Credit notes – when created, due amount of a base invoices decreases accordingly.
  • Users – added possibility to choose notification method – in-app (as currently), or by e-mail (new feature).
  • Custom notifications – possibility to select a quote as base object (so quote can be opened from notification window when it displays).
  • QuickReports – new build-in report – Jobs (amounts/volumes analysis). Displays statistical information by translation jobs in a new way. A lot of built-in filters.
  • Export/import – fixed a bug with national characters.

Updated documentation:

Customer portal
Built-in QuickReports

4.6.11 (14-Sep-2018)

  • Project management center – added a button to directly import analysis from Studio into selected jobs.
  • Translation project – added a button for direct communication with SDL Studio, allowing to create projects in Studio and automatically create jobs in BaccS based on Studio project.
  • Fixes in a number of date fields – sometime dates were displayed using en-US culture, instead of currently selected local culture.
  • More fixes for the 'Simultaneous modifications in different tabs' issue.

4.6.9 (12-Sep-2018)

  • Quotes – possibility to attach files and create folders on hard drive.
  • Backup system – fixed an issue for Mac OS users who use BaccS via virtual machines. Now automatic backups will be created without errors.
  • Continue working on fixing "Object has been edited by another user" message. Fixed few cases, but mainly this message means that some entity has been edited from different tabs. Try to avoid doing this, or refresh data in the view when you know that you edited in in another tab.

4.6.8 (10-Sep-2018)

  • Navigation menu – Reference data – added 'Contacts' item to view all contacts of all customers.
  • Quick notification creation from different views (projects, jobs, assignments, invoices, payments).
  • Report list – each report can now have category, and report list is grouped by category by default. Built-in reports will get correct categories, while custom reports automatically get 'Custom report' category. After update, please open list of reports and manually assign categories to your custom reports and templates.
  • New built-in report – Project overview. Allows to print summary information by any project.
    Documentation article
  • Changes in 'Contractors – list of jobs with ratings' report. Changed design and added list of unpaid invoices by each vendor.
  • Huge performance improvements in a dialog of adding a link to cloud files (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive).
  • Incoming invoices – 'Create a payment' button is now available not only in the list of invoices, but in invoice editing views as well.

4.6.7 (03-Sep-2018)

  • [NEW] After many requests, added support for importing data from TO3000 3D. Currently in test mode - errors are possible.
  • Fixes in 'Request read notification' option in the mail sender. Should work better now.
  • Fixed a situation when 'Home' tab in the ribbon remains selected after generating an invoice or other report, instead of 'Print preview' tab, which contains all buttons to control preview.
  • Web version - fixes in processing of fields containing passwords.

4.6.6 (29-Aug-2018)

  • [NEW] Favorites – possibility to add any entity to the favorites list (with a comment and category) and get back to it at any time.
    Documentation article
  • Improvements in rich editor (mail sender, instructions – all places where you can enter formatted text) – faster loading and bug fixes.

4.6.5 (27-Aug-2018)

  • Projects, Jobs, Invoices and Assignments lists – added Quick filter button, which displays list if recent 12 months and 15 top customers (contractors) with amounts, and allows to quickly filter list by selected month/customer/contractor.
  • Contractor list – possibility to create GroupShare account from BaccS.
  • Translation projects – added time tracking functionality, as in jobs. Work time automatically calculated from jobs included in a project, or can be counted/entered manually.
  • Translation assignments – added a button to generate purchase orders for selected assignments without displaying preview and with optional possibility to save generated POs as PDF files on hard drive.
  • Translation assignments – added PO column (hidden by default) – it shows if PO has been attached to an assignment.
  • Built-in QuickReports – added Status filter to a number of reports.
  • Workload planner – added Manage exception days button, which allows to enter days of full or partial unavailability.
  • Updated documentation articles:
    Time tracking
    Workload planner
    Invoices and payments
    GroupShare – creating vendors
    Job list
    Built-in QuickReports
    How to transfer UI customizations between users
    Application settings

4.6.3 (21-Aug-2018)

  • User role – new button which helps to setup a role so user can view projects, jobs, invoices, payments and other information which is associated only with selected customers. Clicking on this button allows to select customers, for which the system will create default access rights. Created restrictions can then be edited in the Type permissions table.
  • A number of bug fixes with incoming invoices (for example, assignment status could stay Invoiced when assignment has been actually paid).

4.6.1 (20-Aug-2018)

  • Settings – Application settings – added "Simplify UI" checkbox, which allows to hide navigation items and buttons needed for outsourcing.
  • Invoice – instead of two tables (rows linked with jobs and not linked with jobs), there is now one table with an icon, which shows type of row.
  • Improved recently added Google Drive and OneDrive integrations. Now, to turn on integration, open Settings – Integrations, and click "Connect to Google Drive" or "Connect to OneDrive".
  • Improvements in the application UI.
  • A number of fixes in Workload planner window.
  • Updated Russian localization.

4.6.0 (15-Aug-2018)

  • [NEW] Google Drive integration. Add files from Google Drive, with possibility to download them, attach to mail messages or use for project creation in GroupShare or Memsource.
  • [NEW] Microsoft Onedrive integration. Add files from OneDrive, with possibility to download them, attach to mail messages or use for project creation in GroupShare or Memsource.
  • Improved Dropbox integration.
  • [NEW] Vendor self-registration on web-portal! You can now allow vendors to register and then fill personal data. Details in this article:
    Vendor self-registration
  • [NEW] New QuickReport – 'Productivity dashboard' – another way to analyze work time, earnings per hour, volumes by specializations and language pairs.
  • Translation job list – values from 'Volume per hour' and 'Amount per hour' columns (hidden by default) are now stored in database (not calculated on fly), which improves performance of the job list when these columns are visible.
  • Translation job list – when user deletes invoiced job, the system will offer to automatically correct amount of linked invoices.
  • Translation job editing form – added 'Apply time tracker data' button, which allows to automatically fill Quantity column based on time entered in the job's time tracking field.
  • Mail messages – added two new variables: quote number and quote responsible person.

4.5.10 (10-Aug-2018)

  • Application settings – added 'Disable price pickup' mechanism. Allows to disable auto-detection of prices based on existing prices and adjustment factors of work types and units. When mechanism is disabled, the system will pick-up only explicitly set prices (for a work type and unit selected in a job task).
  • [NEW] Breaking change. Invoices from vendors are now separate list (previously invoice numbers were specified in assignments). This allows to track partial invoices and partial payments, separate payments data from assignments, specify taxes in incoming invoices. Workflow is now changed: instead of creating a payment over assignment, it is now needed to create incoming invoice and then create a payment.
    During update, the system will automatically create invoices for assignments marked as invoiced. After update, please open Incoming invoices list and check if invoices were created correctly.
  • Translation projects list – added 'In-work jobs' and ' In-work assignments' columns (hidden by default).
  • Translation jobs list – added ' In-work assignments' column (hidden by default).
  • Translation assignments – added 'Create an invoice and payment' button. It creates an invoice over selected assignments and then a payment over created invoice.
  • Translation assignment – Edit view – added 'Linked invoices' and 'Linked payments' tabs.
  • Contractor – added 'Default tax 1' and 'Default tax 2' fields. These taxes will be automatically added to invoices created from that contractor.
  • QuickReport – 'Contractors – due amount' – improved design and layout.
  • Bug fixes in Customer balance when using multi-currency payments.
  • Fixes in Demo data creation function.
  • Web-version – to attach files, you can now drag and drop files into browser.

4.5.9 (06-Aug-2018)

  • Project – added 'Status' field. By default, all existing projects get 'Received' status.
  • Project list – 'Change status' button for quick changing statuses of selected projects.
  • Job tasks and receivables - discounts and markups are now highlighted with colors and icons.
  • Quote list – 'Change status' button for quick changing statuses of selected quotes.
  • Quote – added 'Responsible person' field.
  • Quote items - discounts and markups are now highlighted with colors and icons.
  • A number of improvements in the Translation Management Center.
  • Translation assignment – added 'Number of candidates' column (hidden by default).
  • GroupShare integration improvements (improved 'Set phase' screen, added a number of functions into Project view).
  • A number of fixes in UI when Classical menu is used instead of the Ribbon menu.
  • Improved application startup performance.

4.5.8 (02-Aug-2018)

  • Customer editing form – added "Default tax 3" field.
  • Invoice – Batch invoicing – fixed PDF files generation error, when files were not generated if file name contained invalid symbols (example of wrong invoice number: Invoice-2018/001).
  • Invoice list – added "Generate PDF files" button. It will generate invoices without showing preview window and attach them to selected invoices.
  • Invoice list – improved "Send message to a customer" button – now you can select multiple invoices (to generate multiple messages at once) and select kind of message: invoices, payment reminders or others.
  • A number of UI and bug fixes.

4.5.7 (31-July-2018)

  • Added eleven (11!) new QuickReports: "Costs (by customers, projects, languages, PMs)", "Costs (by vendors)", "Customers (amounts by languages)", "Number of projects (by customers, managers)", "Projects (amounts/volumes analysis)", "Projects (amounts by languages)", "Volumes (by customers)", "Volumes (by managers)", "Volumes (by project)", "Volumes (by vendors)", "Volumes (tree map)". Two examples (one for from desktop version and second from web):
  • Project list – add Assigned amount, Margin and Margin % columns.
  • Expense (other) – possibility to link expenses with particular projects (and view these expenses in reports).
  • SDL GroupShare integration – possibility to sync project with GroupShare project – the system will create missing jobs and assignments, and then calculate amounts. The only requirement is to have vendors linked with GroupShare users.
  • SDL GroupShare integration – improved phase selection screen.
  • SDL GroupShare integration – possibility to link contractors with GroupShare users and create contractors based on GroupShare users.
  • User list – possibility to copy UI customizations between users. Allows to move list and data entry forms settings from one user to another.
  • Much improved Demo data creation procedure. It became more flexible and random, and now additionally creates internal managers, contractors, and translation assignments, allowing o better evaluate application features and reports.
  • Web-version – added quick access menu containing most used links, which allows to keep left navigation bar collapsed almost all the time.
  • Web-version - improved styles and fonts to fit more data on screen.

4.5.5 (25-July-2018)

  • Customer list – added a button to merge multiple customers (for duplicates or after real-life merging of different customer).
  • Currency list – added a button to merge multiple currencies (duplicates).
  • Notifications – fixed a bug when it was impossible to dismiss a notification from reminder window while editing form of that notification is opened.
  • Translation job – delivery date – added a button to set delivery date to a current date and time.
  • Translation assignment – when selecting contractors or candidates, the system displays only vendors who work in a selected language pair. If there are no such vendors, the system will display all existing contractors.

4.5.3 (23-July-2018)

  • [NEW] Custom reminders function. Allows to create custom reminders linked with some data types. You may provide notification message, select any customer, invoice, job, report, assignment, etc., and this data entry (or report) will be automatically opened with reminder. Read documentation article here:
  • New custom report – Book of accounts – displays incoming and outgoing payments on one screen.
  • New default QuickReport called 'Customers – List of jobs'. It simply displays jobs per each customer in a specified time period.
  • New default custom report called 'Customers – List of jobs'. Similarly, displays jobs per each customer in a specified time period, with possibility to optionally filter by job status.
  • Application language and culture selectors – moved from status bar to the Options tab.
  • Quick access – added buttons to quickly open customers, jobs, invoices, assignments, projects.

4.5.2 (19-July-2018)

  • It is now possible to change application language on fly.
  • Added more than 2500 words in Russian localization. Other languages will also be updated soon. Volunteers are welcomed, as always.
  • Users – possibility to specify particulars users, from which managers will get notifications (about delivered assignments, registered invoices, etc).

4.5.1 (18-July-2018)

  • Dashboard – notepad – now supports simple formatting (using well-known keyboard shortcuts and context menu) and pasting formatted text.
  • Fixed a bug with creating mail messages from assignments list appeared after yesterday's update.
  • Changes in web-version UI.

4.5.0 (17-July-2018)

  • [NEW] New large feature – Translation management center. This is a window, which can be opened from translation project, select translation jobs or selected translation assignments. Allows to perform a lot if different batch actions, including batch job creation, batch job tasks editing, planning assignments per selected workflow, batch creating/editing assignments, creating confirmation and availability mail messages. Implemented in a form of step-by-step wizard, but you can optionally use any of provided functions.
    Documentation articles:
    Video presentation: Youtube
  • Translation job – customer tooltip (with price-list) now also displays default rounding for a customer.
  • Translation job – when creating a job from a template, deadline automatically sets to today's end of day.
  • Translation job – tasks table – added a function to batch change a price in selected rows.
  • Translation project – instead of language pairs in a project editing window, you can now specify one source language and multiple target languages.
  • Translation project – added possibility to attach files from HDD (in addition to internal attachments which are stored inside database), as in translation jobs.
  • Translation assignment – added glyph icon to the Contractor column (similar to Customer column in the job list).
  • Translation assignment – when selecting a contractor, only contractors with matching languages are displayed.
  • Customer – fixed price cloning functionality. It was available only after saving a customer.
  • Trados project creation – possibility to select multiple target languages.
  • Trados project creation – possibility to select project template.
  • Mail sender – added possibility to send multiple messages at once from the message list.
  • E-mail messages – new variable – {AdditionalText}. It is used only when generating group confirmation message for multiple contractors, and replaced by a table specify who performs one or another task.

4.4.11 (08-July-2018)

  • Fixed error message when saving translation job when syncing with cloud calendars is turned on.
  • Added new built-in QuickReport – Performance of responsible persons. It allows to view how much jobs were processed by your staff and calculate commission they earned based on specified percent.

4.4.10 (05-July-2018)

  • Invoices and quotes – added "Tax 3" field.
  • All invoice templates – added a place for tax 3 and made more fields editable (in the invoice preview window).
  • Translation job – added 'On hold' status.
  • Translation job – after editing already invoiced job the system will offer to make corresponding updates in an existing invoice (when job amount has been changed).
  • Translation jobs, invoices, assignments – added icons for statuses.
  • All list where 'Customer' field exists – added small glyph with first 2 letters of a customer name. Looks interesting, but if you won't like this addition, we can remove it later.
  • Import analysis results from Memsource – fixed fuzzy types determination.
  • Application settings – Productivity – added an option to include weekends by default during jobs allocation.
  • Small UI fixes.

4.4.9 (03-July-2018)

  • Quotes – possibility to create multiple translation jobs based on one quote. If selected quote contains multiple languages, the system will create multiple translation jobs.
  • Application settings – fixed an issue with missing buttons ("Connect to ProZ.com (manual mode)", "Connect to Dropbox", "Recreate transactions", "Create demo data", etc.).
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect tab selection when printing quotes/invoices. Now, after clicking "Print" button, "Print preview" tab will be activated automatically.

4.4.8 (02-July-2018)

  • BREAKING CHANGE Fuzzy types – in addition to fuzzy name, added more columns: "Min. match", "Max. match" and "Fuzzy match type". After update, the system will make an attempt to fill these columns automatically, but it is highly recommended to open Reference data – Fuzzy types table, and check/fill these columns.
  • NEW Outlook Calendar integration! In addition to Google Calendar, you can now sync internal scheduler with Outlook. To do this, open Settings – Application settings, and select desired calendar type. During first synchronization (when saving a job), you will see login window to connect BaccS to your Outlook account.
  • Google Calendar sync – there is information that synchronization does not work for some users. After this update, you can try to check it again, as it was attempted to fix this.
  • Scheduler – for clarity, customers in the "Timeline view" are displayed using different colors.
  • Application settings – added "Default work type" field. This work type will be automatically used in all new job tasks you create manually.
  • All documents – added four new columns in tables: Created by, Created at, Modified by and Modified at. These columns allow to see who and when created or edited a document. This feature is valuable when you have multiple application users.
  • Translation job list – added new view variant – "Main (banded)", which allows to stack columns vertically and view more data using multi-row layout.
  • Quote – added "Fuzzy scheme" field.
  • Translation assignment – added "Fuzzy scheme" field.
  • Added few animations in tables (when sorting, on loading, etc.).

4.4.7 (28-June-2018)

  • [NEW] Web-version – possibility to open any reference data in popup window for editing (for example, you can open Customer editing form from the Customer field while editing Translation job, edit a customer, save it and return to editing a job).
  • Maintenance update – fixed a number of minor issues.
  • Currency rates downloader – fixed issue with downloading rates from EU bank when base currency is EUR.
  • Translation job – if job amount is less than minimal charge for a selected customer, the system will offer to automatically adjust amount or, if automated correction is not possible, will only warn about this situation.
  • Translation job – added possibility to save a job and add it to an existing invoice.
  • Workload planner – added resizing splitter between left and right parts.

4.4.6 (20-June-2018)

  • Invoice template v1 – fixed swapped 'Invoice number' and 'Invoice date' fields.
  • Currency rates downloader – fixed European bank source and added a new source – Fixer.io. This service provides reliable world currency rates, updated multiple times per day.

4.4.5 (18-June-2018)

  • [NEW] New default invoice template – v8.
  • Small fixes in all built-in invoice templates. The most noticeable changes are made in the template v5, which is much attractive now.
  • Fixed a bug with dialogs (error message after clicking OK in any dialog).
  • Improved startup screen (if loading takes more time, it is possible switch to other programs and splash screen won't cover them).

4.4.3 (14-June-2018)

  • New dashboard – Widget manager – added visibility switcher.
  • Navigation tree – added separate link for old dashboard.
  • Tabbed UI – possibility to close tabs by middle click.
  • Tabbed UI – added possibility to pin tabs.
  • Radial menu – Alt-X to open it, as middle click is now used to close tabs.
  • Fixed icons for Currency rates and Taxes in the navigation tree.
  • QuickReports – when you edit some data in another tab, and then switch to opened QuickReport, its data will be automatically refreshed.

4.4.2 (07-June-2018)

  • [NEW] Fully changed a way how SDL Trados Studio integration works! Now, instead of connector utility which had to be copied into Trados installation directory, you can use Trados Plug-In, which handles all the communication between two platforms. In addition, with this plug-in you, you will get few button on the Studio toolbar to perform some actions (quote, job and invoice creation) right from within Studio (when you firstly create projects in Trados Studio, not in BaccS).
    Plug-in is released in SDL App Store: http://appstore.sdl.com/app/baccs-plug-in/897/
    Welcome to try, share impressions and ideas. Have a lot of plans about this plug-in for future! New documentation article:
    SDL Trados Studio Plug-in
  • All lists – after a lot of complains checkbox selector was removed from all tables. Although it is convenient way to select rows, it confused many users, leading to incorrect selection and wrong results.
  • New dashboard – a number of fixes, including a bug when it was impossible to load particular widgets after applying filters in list.
  • Invoice editing form – added E-mail message history table to view messages linked with an invoice.
  • All invoice templates – added Notes from job tasks, plus a number of small design fixes. Soon there will be 8th built-in invoice template.
  • Quote – added an option to import analysis reports from CAT tools.
  • A batch of small fixes (improved importing of job tasks into receivables, fixes in e-mail creation commands, small design fixes in editing forms, etc.).
  • New splash screen :)

4.4.1 (07-June-2018)

  • New dashboards mechanism is now used by default. Old dashboards can be found as nested items of the new dashboard.
  • New dashboards –grid is now more compact in a table layout mode, which means that now you have more cells to organize widgets. This is the most compact layout, which saves maximum screen space.
  • Dashboard – earnings chart – removed pink target lines when you move mouse pointer over a chart.
  • Few buttons (ProZ.com integration) are moved from main ribbon to the status bar, to free up some space.
  • Customer list – added a button to move selected customer to a specified category.
  • Customer list – added a button to open categories list.
  • Expense/income types list – added a button to move selected expense type to a specified category.
  • Expense/income types list – added a button to open categories list.

4.4.0 (05-June-2018)

  • [NEW]New dashboard mechanism. Implemented in test mode (old dashboards are left untouched). To view it, expand Main dashboard section in the navigation tree, and select Main dashboard (new version). Try to experiment. When possible, please report about any issues and tell me if you like this new functionality.
    Updated documentation article: Dashboards.
  • Global update in the numeric fields. Now, only 2 decimals are displayed by default, allowing to enter up to 5 decimals.
  • Contractor – list of jobs report – added possibility to select status of displayed assignments.
  • All data entry forms look a bit better on small screens.
  • Few fixes in custom fields, report designer, etc.

Changelog for previous version (from 2016) can be found on this archive page