Welcome to BaccS – a fully fledged application for freelance translators and small teams. It helps you maintain your client and vendor records, create quotes either manually or by importing CAT analysis files, turn quotes into jobs with a few clicks once you have the go-ahead from the client. You can break projects into individual translation/editing/proofreading/DTP jobs and assign them to in-house staff or freelance talent, monitor the progress of your translation projects, raise and track (fully customizable) invoices, generate various reports, and get an overview of your translation business on the informative dashboard.

This software was initially created by a single person who happened to love both translating and programming. I started my translation career in 2009. This year also saw the launch of a development process resulting in this application. The first version became operational soon. It offered basic functionality, such as monitoring deadlines and issuing invoices. Learning from my daily work as a freelance translator, I kept identifying and adding new useful features. These included default settings for the clients (e.g., date of contact, default rates, invoicing requirements), a ‘balance statement’ report to reconcile jobs and payments, different performance reports, time tracker features, followed by the individual planner and CV generator. The planner helped to control workload, while the CV generator automated the tedious process of updating my CV with most recent projects, changed rates, etc.

I used this program on an everyday basis, refining and polishing it to align it with my practical needs. I implemented a default workflow that included creating a client record, adding default rates, setting up a project and associated jobs, raising an invoice automatically, registering incoming payments, generating performance reports and updating my CV. It radically reduced the administrative burden, enabling me to focus on translation per se.

In June 2017 version 2 was released, which was linked with cooperation with ProZ.com. With the new version, users got possibility to use different ProZ.com service right from with BaccS. Among them are WIWO service, Blue Board access to view and leave feedback about clients, and Availability service, which allows translators to set their availability via handy calendar.

In October 2017 a huge milestone has been reached - just after few months since version 2 a new release was presented to public – version 3. It brought absolutely new platform, which provides unseen level of customization, performance and security features. The latter means that the program became intended not only for individual translators, but also for teams of translators, who needs centralized solution to manage their work.

In March 2018 another significant feature has been added - BaccS got deep integration with Memsource platform, allowing users to download information about vendors, projects and jobs (including analysis reports), as well as to create new clients, domains, projects and jobs in Memsource profile right from within BaccS.

As the software grows, users need reliable help center to get answers on questions about program usage. This manual intended to help you to find necessary information. I wish you happy reading!

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