To start using any integration feature, you must firstly connect BaccS with your account on To do this, please open the program Settings and switch to the settings tab. Here you will find a few buttons: Connect, Disconnect and Check subscription.

As it is clear from its name, click the Connect button. When this is done for the first time, the program will open your default browser and redirect to the website. If you're not already logged in to your account, you will be prompted to enter your login details. After that, the following page will be opened:

If BaccS won't be able to run your system browser (for example, because of anti-virus software or insufficient right of the current Windows user), then please try to do the following:

1. Run the program as Administrator.

2. Temporary turn off anti-virus software.

After getting to confirmation page, please check which permissions BaccS requires to make a connection. To continue with connection, click Yes, I'll allow access. After you will see a page with information that the connection is established and the page can be simply closed.

Switch back to BaccS and you will see a green symbol on the left, which signals that you have successfully connected with

To check if you're an active Plus package subscriber, click the corresponding button. If this is the case, a second green flag will be highlighted. This means that among other advantages you get full free access to BaccS software.

How to disconnect

If you decide to unlink BaccS from your account, please perform two following actions:

1. Open Settings - settings, and click Disconnect button.

2. To remove permissions granted to BaccS, go to your profile, select Settings - Manage Apps, and click Disconnect button near the BaccS entry.

What to do if integration features stopped to work (WIWO or Feedback list are empty)

Looks like you need to reconnect the program to your profile. Simply go to Settings - settings, and click Connect button. Your connection will be restored and those functions will work again.

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